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Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant Equipment

Get cutting-edge restaurant equipment for efficient culinary operations that yield excellent results

Restaurant Equipment

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Cooking Equipment

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Pair up the fast-paced food preparation process with the best cooking equipment

Prepare, cook, and serve – Perform it all with utmost efficiency! The key to achieving success is to get the most powerful and trusted cooking equipment. We supply an extensive collection of commercial cooking equipment that is engineered to operate in indoor and outdoor settings. All kitchen appliances are heavily built from heavy-gauge metal to guarantee their long-lasting use. They are also available in a variety of sizes and capacities. They are packed with excellent features to support their superb performance and maintain their safety to use.

The rice cookers and warmers are the basic cooking equipment in the foodservice operation. They are expertly built to keep each grain separated for even cooking. Most of the rice cookers we carry feature a non-stick pot for easy cleanup and a simple control panel. But other brands offer programmable control settings to conveniently support the cooking needs of different types of grains.

Cooking flavorful and juicy meat and poultry recipes has never been this easy using our finest line of outdoor grills. There are two designs available for the commercial grills – portable and built-in. The portable grills are mounted with casters to smoothly move from one location to another. Also, most of their parts are detachable for ease of storing and transporting.

The built-in grills are the perfect solution for operations that serve scrumptious grilled recipes all year long. It delivers higher power and BTUs (British Thermal Unit). It also allows the staff to fully control the heat temperature using a set of control knobs. Under-or overcooking is a thing in the past. All outdoor grills we offer are powered either by gas or charcoal. These are only a few of the many excellent commercial cooking equipment we carry. Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection! We also supply parts and accessories for various brands.


Commercial Oven

Commercial Ovens

Allow the chef to create their most scrumptious creation using a cutting-edge oven

Equip the operation with the right type of commercial oven to achieve the desired results in every use! The cooking equipment is essential to the success of the foodservice operation. Get the best type and it assured to eliminate the potential of under- and overcooking. Due to the commercial oven's versatility and ease of use, the foodservice operation wouldn’t be completed without one. The standard oven owned is designed to fulfill the basic baking needs. They are easy to install and bake any dish using radiant heat. Other commercial ovens are engineered to fulfill specialty tasks.

Enjoy roasting delicious large-cuts of meats and poultries using a rotisserie oven. This is fully equipped with numerous sharp spits to securely hold the meat/poultry. Once the oven is activated, the spit will spin at specific speed rates for even cooking. For full control, the rotisserie ovens are furnished with an operator-friendly control panel.

If the operation prefers two-in-one cooking equipment, the cook-and-hold ovens are the ultimate choice. This type of commercial oven uses a slow-cooking method to achieve the perfect crisp for the outer layer and juicy on the inside of the meat or poultry. If the dish is not yet up for serving, the oven’s hold function will keep the dish warm without shrinking or overcooking it. Compared to other specialty ovens, the cook-and-hold ovens are not limited to cooking meat and poultry. It is also handy to use in proofing doughs and roasting vegetables.

They may be constructed differently, but be assured that all the available commercial ovens in our catalog are made from heavy-gauge steel for exceptional durability and equipped with tons of high-quality components. Fully maximize their functionalities by adding their compatible parts and accessories. Explore all types of commercial ovens in our catalog now!


Commercial Ice Equipment and Supplies

Commercial Ice Equipment and Supplies

Enjoy unlimited ice supply with a modern-designed ice machine

Equip the operation with a highly-productive ice storage bin to keep the ice safe from melting and contamination. Ice is essential in the foodservice operation. It is handy to use for keeping the beverages perfectly chilled, prolong the quality of raw ingredients, and more. No matter what the ice application is, we ensure to deliver the best commercial ice equipment for it. We carry different types of ice equipment and they all are individually built for a specific application. Continuous and efficient production of small to large-volume of ice daily makes simpler using a heavy-duty commercial ice maker.

The ice makers we carry are designed to produce lot's of sizes of ice – half and full and more. The full ice has a slow melting property. This makes them perfect for cooling cocktails and ice bagging operations. While the half-sized ice melts quickly which is an advantage in easily cooling various types of beverages. The ice melting property and purpose may still change depending on the type of ice produced. To fully maximize the efficiency and performance of the commercial ice maker, an innovative compressor and condenser are equipped on each model.

The ice storage bin is the ice equipment that can prolong the quality and shape of the ice. They are robustly built with high-density insulation for optimal temperature retention. Most of the ice bins are furnished with an ice dispenser for accessibility. While others feature a light lift-up door. Depending on the brand model, but the ice storage bin includes a sanitary ice scoop. The ice storage bin is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and capacities.

These are only a preview of the excellent commercial ice equipment selection we supply. To know more about our offers, browse our catalog now. Please know that all the commercial ice equipment we carry is available in freestanding, built-in, and portable units. Also, compatible parts, accessories, and other essential ice supplies are offered in our catalog.


Dishwashing Equipment

Commercial Dishwashers

Get the best dishwashing machine to cut down the time in washing wares

A commercial dishwasher clean and sanitize wares quickly while only consuming less water and energy. Ensure to invest in a hardwearing dish machine that best suits the operation ware washing needs! Commercial dishwashers are built differently. There are different types to choose from where each is engineered with unique features that guarantee their reliability. We carry a huge selection of these types and they are all durably built of heavy-gauge metal. The undercounter dishwashers are the ideal type for operation with limited kitchen space. With their compact size, the staff can easily secure it under any workable tables and counters. These front-loading dishwashers are designed to process up to 30 racks per hour.

For medium-sized operations, there are two great dishwashers available – the door-type and rack dishwashers. Both boast impeccable ware washing performance and feature a corner and straight design. The corner design is built to accept the dishes on the front and release them on the side. While the straight design is built to accept the wares either front to back or side to side. As standard, the single door-type and rack dishwashers can process up to 75 racks per hour. But if you want to get more wares to be washed and sanitized, we also carry double rack models.

The conveyor dishwasher is the ultimate choice as it can consistently wash and sanitize hundreds to thousands of wares daily. They are engineered powerful and robust to ensure they can withstand the daily rough use of the operation. Consistent use means more energy to consume. But not with the conveyor dishwasher because most of the brand models we carry are energy-efficient. They are furnished with programmable controls for ease of use.

There are more features available for the commercial dishwasher. Visit our catalog now to see our complete selection! Compatible parts and accessories per brand are also included in our catalog.


Food Preparation

Food Preparation Equipment & Tools

Handle all the ingredients safely using high-quality kitchen tools

Improve the workflow of the food preparation by adding the right kitchen tools and equipment for each task! Creating the Chef’s delicious creations always start with food preparation. This is a delicate process because improper handling of ingredients can lead to contamination and the growth of food-borne bacteria. But there’s no need to worry! We carry a large selection of kitchen equipment and tools that are specially designed for various food preparation applications.

Washing the fresh produce is the simplest method to remove all the pesticide or foreign residues stuck on their outer layers. A vegetable brush is one of the handy kitchen tools to use. This is constructed in two shapes - flat and loop. The flat vegetable brush is ideal for produce with a wider shape and tough forms. While the loop-designed vegetable brush can effectively clean elongated-shaped produce such as carrots and cucumbers. For ingredients that are best served fresh like salads, it’s essential to dry them off completely. A salad spinner can efficiently accomplish the task without damaging the ingredient's texture and overall quality. The salad spinner is available in electric and manual model.

Distributing each ingredient with an equal portion becomes easy with accurate commercial scales. There are two standard food prep scales available, the first one is a digital scale that is powered by electricity or battery. It is designed for providing quick and accurate measurements. The measurement is displayed on its digital display window. The other is a mechanical scale, a manual type of scale that is built with a rotating dial and a measurement-marked board. We also carry specialized scales that are built for baking applications.

Food preparation wouldn’t be completed without a reliable set of cutting tools. We happen to have a great selection of kitchen cutting tools that are super handy in providing several cutting styles. They are all made of premium-quality materials to endure daily heavy use. Not to mention, they can efficiently resist staining and denting. Cut the fresh produce in style with an ultra-sharp fruit and vegetable cutters. Or better yet, create the best ravioli recipe using a pasta cutter. These are only a few of the food preparation equipment and tools we carry. Visit our catalog now to see our entire collection!


Commercial French Fry Cutter

Commercial French Fry Cutters

Slice potatoes into various shapes and sizes with our French fry cutters

Effortlessly cut the potatoes with the help of a reliable French fry slicer! French fries are one of the people’s favorite to-go snacks. It requires versatile equipment to slice the potatoes into uniform pieces in a short period. The commercial French fry cutters are one of the handy tools to use for the job as they can produce consistent cuts of potatoes more efficiently than doing it by hand. No need to look elsewhere because we carry a wide range of commercial French fry cutters! Rest assured that all our cutters are expertly built to perform various food prep tasks safely and quickly.

Our selection of commercial French fry cutters can be operated manually or automatically. The manual French fry cutters are built with a simple and easy-to-use lever. This allows the user to easily cut any size and type of potatoes quickly. Due to its compact and portable size, it becomes ideal to use for small foodservice operations such as concession stands and cafés. For high-volume foodservice operations, the automatic French fry cutter is the best kitchen tool to use! Not only they can cut down the preparation time, but also save the staff from strain-related injuries. The automatic potato cutters we supply are powered either by electricity or air.

Whether the operations desire to produce straight, wedge, or curly fries, we have the perfect type of French fry slicers to offer! These French fry slicers are mostly constructed of stainless steel and cast-iron materials. Both materials are durable allowing the equipment to last long in the kitchen. Additionally, these sturdy potato cutters are easy to clean. To learn more about our commercial French fry cutters offerings, browse our catalog now!


Beverage Equipment

Beverage Equipment

Serve unlimited hot and cold drinks to the customers with high-end beverage equipment

Complete the operation with proper beverage equipment to guarantee the continuous production and serving of great-tasting beverages. Beverage equipment is essential to the success of food and beverage services. Get the best type of hot and cold beverage equipment and the sales and productivity of the operation will surely increase rapidly. Don't look elsewhere because we carry a large selection of beverage service equipment that boasts sophistication, durability, and sanitation.

Impress the customers by adding a touch of sophistication to the occasion. The beverage equipment we offer can easily provide it because they come in different outstanding styles and designs. These styles and designs range from basic to the most extravagant. Complete the customer’s morning by serving them a tasty, freshly brewed coffee. Brew it using dependable coffee makers. We also supply beverage dispensing machines that are great in completing the portable bars.

The advantage of the beverage equipment we offer is their attractive aesthetic appearance doesn’t compromise their durability. They can strongly withstand daily heavy use and wear while maintaining their reliability to resist impact and corrosion. The key to their strength lies in the materials used in their construction. Make sure to get a heavy-grade type of material with smooth surfaces as they are the easiest to clean and sanitize. Since every piece of the beverage equipment has direct contact with the drink products, the material to pick must be toxic-free.

All the beverage equipment we carry is suitable to use either for the indoor or outdoor setting. But we also offer a few products that are suitable for both. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selections of beverage equipment. Replacement parts and accessories are also available.


Commercial Work Tables and Station

Commercial Work Tables and Stations

Optimize the kitchen’s functionality with a durable work table

Upgrade the operation’s work flow by adding high-quality and commercially-approved work tables. Equipping the operation with the right size and style of work tables and prep stations is an effective method to fully maximize the kitchen space while preventing cross-contamination. We have a large selection of professional work tables and prep stations that comes in a variety of sizes. Small or large-sized operation, we got it all cover!

The basic work tables available are made of 18-gauge stainless steel. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and mounted with four legs for stability. This is effective to use as an extension of workspace, food preparation, and other general, light-duty tasks. For medium to heavy use, we offer the work tables that are built with heavier gauge and type of stainless steel. Galvanized steel is often added to improve its durability and longevity. Now, the staff can pound and tenderize the meat and the work surface will remain free from scratches and dents. Other materials used are premium-quality wood. The wood top work tables are ideal to use for baking preparations.

There are two designs available for our work tables – open base and enclosed. The free space under the open base work table is perfect for placing any undercounter equipment or waste bins. While the enclosed design provides additional storage units. This is ideal to keep all the kitchen supplies and ingredients within reach. A few of the enclosed work tables feature a locking system to protect the content from theft.

Food preparations are not only performed inside the kitchen. Keep the work station on-the-go by getting a mobile counter. Our mobile counters are mounted with flexible casters and a sturdy work surface. There are a few brand models that are welded with a hand sink and undershelves for added convenience. These are only a few of the many impressive types of work tables and stations we offer. To know more, browse our catalog now!

Commercial Sink
Commercial Sink
Food Display and Merchandising
Food Display and Merchandising
Food Holding and Warming Equipment

Food Holding and Warming Equipment

Commercial Food Warming and Holding Equipment

Use top-quality food warmers to retain the optimal serving temperature of the prepared meals

Give the customers a first-class dining experience by serving their delicious meals at their proper temperature! A food warmer and holding cabinets are the best kitchen equipment that can efficiently keep the dishes hot without overcooking them. We carry a huge selection of commercial food warming and holding equipment that is engineered specifically depending on the type of food to serve. They may be designed differently, but be assured they all possess exceptional durability, sanitation, and usability.

The drawer warmers are the commonly-owned food warming equipment in the kitchen. They are ideal for storing pre-made bread products. There are two unit designs available for this food warmer – built-in and freestanding. The built-in drawer warmer is the ideal solution for a kitchen with limited space. They can easily install under the counters or on the open base undershelf of the work tables. While the freestanding food warmers can be installed on any location convenient for the staff. Most of these drawer warmers feature a simple control panel for maximum control over the temperature range and airflow.

A high-volume operation requires more heated holding spaces. Pair the warming equipment with a high-end food holding cabinet. We carry a wide range of this holding equipment that comes in a variety of sizes. The full-height holding cabinets are the most ideal size as it offers more space for pans. But the countertop and undercounter holding cabinets are also smart addition because they can keep the kitchen’s movement flow productive and efficient. This food holding equipment is made from solid stainless steel or tempered glass for clear visibility. They are usually used for holding boxed food products. Also, all the freestanding units are mounted with versatile casters for mobility and easy to transport.

Other food warming and holding equipment we hold are specially designed for various food service operations. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selections of commercial food warmers and holding equipment! Compatible parts and accessories for each brand model are also offered in our catalog.

Restaurant Faucet and Plumbing

Restaurant Faucet and Plumbing

Restaurant Shelving

Restaurant Shelving

Commercial Restaurant Shelving

Provide a safe and organize working environment for the staff with high-quality shelves

Strengthen food safety in the operation by organizing the supplies and ingredients on corrosion-resistant shelves! We carry a huge selection of restaurant shelving units that are built to fit all workspace sizes. There are two styles available and those are the solid and wire shelving. The solid shelves are typically constructed from heavy-gauge metals to ensure they can support the daily rough use and heavy-loads. These materials flaunt a smooth surface which makes it easier to clean. With their superb corrosion resistance, solid shelves are ideal to install in both wet and dry environments. Another material used is reinforced steel. They are applied with epoxy coating to provide a high level of corrosion-resistance.

The wire shelving features an open design which is advantageous in providing proper airflow within the stored supplies. For this reason, the accumulation of dust is prevented. The wire shelving is also durable as it is made either with a high-density plastic or stainless steel. All the restaurant shelving units we supply are available in stationary, mobile, and wall mounting units. The stationary shelves are the standard shelving system installed in the restaurant’s storage and utility rooms. The mobile shelving units provide convenience in transporting heavy loads from one location to another. Lastly, the wall-mounted shelving is the ideal shelving solution for establishment with limited floor space.

Browse our catalog now to see all the types and styles of restaurant shelving we offer!



Get cutting-edge restaurant equipment for efficient culinary operations that yield excellent results

Take every aspect of the culinary craft to the next level with our collection of high-performance restaurant equipment!

The culinary industry is always moving on a steady upward trajectory. Make sure the operations are always on top of their game by equipping them with the most reliable restaurant equipment. Here at Culinary Depot, we showcase top-tier restaurant appliances boasting only the best materials, components, and control features. Whether it’s for a startup or a complete revamp of an existing culinary tradition, we carry everything that will ensure to take the owners, chefs, and employees on the lead of the stiffest competition. With our all-encompassing lineup, commercial kitchens will stand at the forefront of innovation and reap countless ergonomic benefits!

Due to the current emphasis on consumer health and safety, proper food storage is of utmost importance. For this reason, we carry only top-of-the-line refrigeration equipment to preserve the quality of any food products. This type of restaurant equipment ranges from refrigerated prep tables to heavy-duty refrigerators.