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Restaurant Shelving

Restaurant Shelving

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Commercial Restaurant Shelving

Provide a safe and organize working environment for the staff with high-quality shelves

Strengthen food safety in the operation by organizing the supplies and ingredients on corrosion-resistant shelves! We carry a huge selection of restaurant shelving units that are built to fit all workspace sizes. There are two styles available and those are the solid and wire shelving. The solid shelves are typically constructed from heavy-gauge metals to ensure they can support the daily rough use and heavy-loads. These materials flaunt a smooth surface which makes it easier to clean. With their superb corrosion resistance, solid shelves are ideal to install in both wet and dry environments. Another material used is reinforced steel. They are applied with epoxy coating to provide a high level of corrosion-resistance.

The wire shelving features an open design which is advantageous in providing proper airflow within the stored supplies. For this reason, the accumulation of dust is prevented. The wire shelving is also durable as it is made either with a high-density plastic or stainless steel. All the restaurant shelving units we supply are available in stationary, mobile, and wall mounting units. The stationary shelves are the standard shelving system installed in the restaurant’s storage and utility rooms. The mobile shelving units provide convenience in transporting heavy loads from one location to another. Lastly, the wall-mounted shelving is the ideal shelving solution for establishment with limited floor space.

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