Our Story & Mission











Our Story & Mission

In 1998, Sholem Potash had a brazen idea. He was working in a commercial kitchen, serving hundreds of meals daily, and saw how difficult it was to get proper kitchen tools. He decided someone needed to serve the servers, and Culinary Depot was born. Sholem invested his more than twenty years of kitchen experience into the foundation of the business, using that knowledge to understand the real needs of his clients. Today, all of us at Culinary Depot look up to Sholem for his dedication and hard work, and all those needing a commercial kitchen look to Culinary Depot for the excellence and understanding we bring to every project.

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Our Story & Mission

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Our Promise

Culinary Depot will always put you first. We will help you plan, design, build, install and stock the perfect commercial kitchen for your unique needs.

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Our Standards

The customer comes first

At our core, even though we're not wearing the chef's hat, we serve people. That means our first guiding principle is to always make sure the customer is happy and satisfied.

We're here to help

When we say no job to big or small, we mean it. Our second guiding principle is to go out of our way to get every job done perfectly, every time.

Expertise is easy to see

When you know your stuff, it's obvious. Our third guiding principle is to offer our experience and knowledge to every customer, so they get the best possible solution.