Our Supercenter

Walking into Culinary Depot is walking into your happy place. Every possible kitchen appliance, tool, and utensil are all here, beautifully displayed for your perusing pleasure.

Stocked and ready to serve you

Our supercenter and warehouse have the biggest selection of commercial kitchen items out on display. We keep everything in stock on-site, so when you need something, there’s no delay. We’ll help you find the perfect tool for the job, from convection oven to melon baller, no matter what you’re cooking up!

Hours of operation

  • Sunday 10AM–5PM
  • Monday 9AM–7PM
  • Tuesday 9AM–7PM
  • Wednesday 9AM–7PM
  • Thursday 9AM–7PM
  • Friday 9AM–2PM
  • Saturday Closed

Visit our showroom

67 Route 59
Spring Valley, NY 10977

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About Culinary Depot

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Our Standards

The customer comes first

At our core, even though we're not
wearing the chef's hat, we serve
people. That means our first guiding
principle is to always make sure the
customer is happy and satisfied.

We're here to help

When we say no job to big or
small, we mean it. Our second
guiding principle is to go out of
our way to get every job done
perfectly, every time.

Expertise is easy to see

When you know your stuff, it's
obvious. Our third guiding principle
is to offer our experience and
knowledge to every customer, so
they get the best possible solution.

The Kitchen Experience

Step inside to tour the kitchen that’s got it all.

Those appliances you’re eyeing? We’ve got it. Those pots you love? We got ‘em. The custom range hood? Yup, we’ve got that too.

Live Test Kitchen

Don’t know what you need? Want to try before you buy?

Visit our fully operational kitchen, set up and waiting just for you! Chop, char, and chew to your heart’s content in our state-of-the-art test kitchen, where you can experiment with different knives, different appliances, or different methods and tools to find best solution for you. It’s achef’s dream come true!

Schedule a Session

Custom Kitchen Setups

If your kitchen has a personality all its own, or you need a very specific workstation, appliance or customization to fill a unique need, we’re here to help. We will meet with you to draw up the layout, design, and equipment you’ll need, and then we’ll get to work bringing it to life. Awkward corner? Dead space? Whatever your kitchen is facing, we’ve got a solution.

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Menu Planning

Your kitchen is installed, stocked, and ready to go. Now, it’s time to fire up those shiny new ovens and get cooking! Our team of chefs and meal planners can help you create and plan the perfect menu for your school, facility, or hotel. We’ve got experience and practice in bulk!

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Quality, Guaranteed

Every purchase at Culinary Depot comes backed by a chef’s personal stamp of approval.

There are so many options out there when it comes to kitchen tools and appliances. How do you choose the one that’s right for you? You don’t have to. We’ve put in the time and dedication to thoroughly research every product we carry. Chef to chef, you can rely on our products to be the best out there, no matter what your budget is.