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Commercial Refrigeration

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Use Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers to store and display food products in reliable refrigerators and freezer equipment

Commercial Refrigeration

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Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

For flexible refrigeration operations, use reach-in refrigerators and freezers

Maintain the freshness of food items by outfitting establishments with reach-in freezers and refrigerators. Any food service establishment requires reliable refrigeration equipment. By holding food at cold temperatures, commercial refrigerators and freezers help prolong their freshness. They also help preserve the original appearance and form of food for appetizing presentation. For efficient operations, we offer a selection of commercial reach-in refrigerators and freezers. They do a great job maintaining cool interior temperatures even with repeated door openings, making them ideal for busy kitchens.

Refrigerators and freezers are mainly different in the temperatures they hold and maintain. Generally, reach-in refrigerators have temperatures between 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, reach-in freezers must keep temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and below for safe operations. Our selection features reach-in refrigerators and freezers in various capacities to cater to low, medium, and high-volume operations. We also offer models with single or multiple doors to allow better organization of contents.

Moreover, there are different door type options: glass and solid. Glass reach-in refrigerators and freezers provide easy visibility of contents, while solid-door units ensure better insulation. Lastly, we offer models made in various construction materials such as stainless steel and aluminum to accommodate different user preferences. Browse through our catalog to see our comprehensive list of commercial reach-in freezers and refrigerators.


Prep Refrigeration

Commercial Prep Refrigerators

Add a refrigerated prep station to swiftly prepare salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and other ready-to-eat food items

Prepare products like pizza, burgers, and salad in record time with our premium-grade commercial worktop refrigerators! Given current concerns regarding public health, the fewer people have to wait in line, the better. The distance between industrial refrigerators and cooking stations contributes to longer prep times. Cut the prep time down by equipping the operation with our top-of-the-line prep refrigerators. Combining the ergonomic benefits of a workstation and a powerful refrigeration unit, these units streamline food preparation while saving kitchen space.

We offer commercial prep refrigerators with heavy-duty stainless steel solid doors, swing doors, or drawers. Some models also feature a strategic combination of doors and drawers. Boasting a self-closing mechanism, each door or drawer closes on its own during periods of inactivity. We also carry units with built-in cutting boards and large pan holding areas to allow chefs to modify precooked, refrigerated food items. Browse our catalog today to know more about our incredible offerings!


Merchandising & Display Refrigeration

Merchandising and Display Refrigeration

Furnish the establishment with powerful merchandising refrigeration units

Outfit the foodservice establishment for better sales and greater success with the help of our merchandising and display refrigeration equipment! Commercial refrigerators and freezers used to be nothing more than back-of-house appliances. Featuring daunting appearances, old food storage systems seemed inaccessible to people without culinary experience. However, with sales and marketing becoming more tactile, manufacturers have made sleeker, more elegant units for front-of-house use. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most impressive selection of merchandising and display refrigeration units. From simple ice merchandisers to the classiest wine coolers, we showcase everything that a food service establishment might need.

We offer air curtain merchandisers that keep food cold without a door, making it effortless for customers to pick up what they’d like to buy. We also have merchandising display cases that are perfect for enticing customers to purchase sushi, salad, dessert, or deli items. Our countertop merchandising refrigerators and freezers save space while taking advantage of the perfectly visible countertop area. The reach-in refrigerators temptingly display chilled beverages, while reach-in freezers create an organized presentation of ice cream and other frozen delights like no other unit. Find sliding door refrigerators, swinging door freezers, combination merchandisers, and everything in between by browsing our catalog today!


Bar Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerators for Bar Service Stations

Get our top-quality bar refrigerator to create a superior cooling and storing system for the bar station

Our professional-grade bar refrigerators are guaranteed to store any beverages at a safe cooling temperature! A highly organize bar station promotes a more efficient operation. The commercial bar refrigeration can deliver this every time because they are built with a sanitary and spacious interior. The interior comes with multiple layers of durable shelves that are designed to hold and neatly line up small to a large number of canned or bottled beverages. They are functional too because they are mostly built with a versatile worktop and an energy-efficient refrigeration system. The worktop is perfect for extending the workspace or placing caddies to keep the bar essentials and supplies within the bartender’s reach. While the refrigeration system consistently generates the proper cooling temperatures.

The commercial bar refrigeration we supply come in different types. The key to getting the right type is to consider the refrigerator’s size and storage capacity. The low-profile design of the back bar refrigeration makes them an ideal choice. Durable and sanitary, this refrigerated cabinet is built with a stainless-steel top and exterior. The material is expertly processed to form their standard or narrow cabinet. They come with one to three doors that can either feature a glass or solid construction. Both door styles can provide a leak-proof seal. Their only difference is, the glass door provides superior visibility while the solid doors offer security.

The interior of most back bar refrigerators features a shallow depth, approximately 22 to 32 inches front to back. For added convenience in servicing and maintenance, the refrigeration system is mounted safely either in the rear or side of the unit. The standard back bar refrigerator only offers one access. But we also offer other back bar refrigerators with front and back access. The pass-thru refrigerated cabinet feature 23 to 96 inches interior depth with four to six doors. The doors can easily access via sliding or swing. While their self-contained refrigeration system is securely mounted on the side of the unit.

Versatility at its best! The back bar refrigerator also offers a non-refrigerated cabinet to accommodate the needs of the non-perishable food products. These are only a few of the reliable and functional types of bar refrigeration we supply. To know more, browse our catalog now and see the complete selection!


Undercounter Refrigerators

Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators

Provide sanitary and accessible cold food storage at the establishment with our undercounter refrigerators

Undercounter refrigeration is essential and convenient equipment for food establishments such as restaurants, cafes, concession stands, catering services, and more! Culinary Depot is the perfect one-stop-shop to source the best and latest commercial refrigeration equipment. Here, we offer a full line of high-quality undercounter refrigerators that can surely suit the needs of foodservice operations. From the name itself, this type of commercial refrigerators can be installed underneath bars, countertops, and other workstation surfaces with minimal space consumed. This gives the staff ample space to execute a hassle-free operation.

These commercial undercounter refrigerators are designed to store significant ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and various condiments and keep them chilled and fresh for long hours. They come in a variety of capacities to accommodate low- to high-volumes of food. Our selection of fully insulated undercounter refrigerators features durable doors and drawers that help in holding the temperature in. More interestingly, they are designed with LED and sidelight fixtures to effectively enhance the visibility of the products stored in the equipment.

Our undercounter refrigerators offer more features, so make sure to check them out on our catalog!


Undercounter Freezer

Commercial Undercounter Freezers

Install our undercounter freezer to provide the food establishment a convenient refrigeration system

Make the most of the workspace by adding space-efficient refrigerated storage units to keep the food products accessible and out of the danger zone! Undercounter freezers are the perfect additions to food establishments to provide reliable storage space for ingredients. These commercial freezers can conveniently fit underneath countertops, bars, and other work surfaces, giving the employees easy access to the frozen foods needed for the preparation. This makes it easier for staff to maintain a productive operation throughout the day.

Here in Culinary Depot, we offer a full line of fully-insulated undercounter freezers that comes in a variety of sizes and capacities. A few of the freezer units we supply can feature a deep interior to accommodate large amounts of frozen foods. We also carry models with different access types – doors, drawers, or a combination of both. The number of doors and drawers included varying on the undercounter freezer’s size.

With high-quality stainless steel construction, these undercounter freezers are guaranteed durable and long-lasting. More interestingly, some of our undercounter freezers are mounted on casters for easy mobility. For kitchens or work areas with limited space, we offer this commercial freezer with a stackable design. To learn more about all the features and designs available, check out our catalog now!


Worktop Freezers

Worktop Freezers

Improve the efficiency of food preparation with our reliable worktop freezers

Make the food preparation workflow productive by equipping the food establishment with high-quality worktop freezers! Here in Culinary Depot, we offer a full line of worktop freezers that can surely suit the needs of foodservice operations. Versatility at its best, this type of commercial freezers is built with a sanitary and sturdy worksurface on top and a fully insulated freezer cabinet as the base. The worktop is mostly built of stainless steel to provide long-term durability and strong resistance to various detrimental elements. With its sleek texture, cleaning becomes effortless. The worktop is perfect to use for assembling pizzas, salads, and other to-go snacks.

The freezer base, on the other hand, is handy in storing ingredients at their proper storing temperature. This is a smart design to keep all the ingredients within the staff’s reach, guaranteeing easier and faster food preparation and service. For easy access, these commercial freezers are available with doors, drawers, or a combination of both. Additionally, our commercial worktop freezers are mounted on casters for easy mobility, and they also feature LED lighting for enhanced visibility.

All our worktop freezers are available in a variety of sizes, capacities, and styles (ADA height and counter height). They also are designed with durable backsplashes to prevent water and other liquid components to spill on the floor. Thus, effectively maintaining a clean and dry workstation. To learn more about our worktop freezers and other related offerings, browse our catalog now!


Worktop Refrigerators

Worktop Refrigerators

Our worktop refrigerators offer cold storage and a sanitary worksurface constructed in one heavy-duty unit

Space-efficient and durable, worktop refrigeration is a smart addition for food establishments such as pizza parlors, concession stands, food trucks, and catering services. This type of commercial refrigerators is versatile to use because they both provide reliable cold storage where products can be stored at a safe temperature and a stable worksurface for food preparation. Get everything the operations need here at Culinary Depot! We have a broad selection of worktop refrigerators that come in different sizes and styles.

The worksurface of this commercial refrigeration equipment is commonly built of heavy-gauge metal for long-lasting use. Stainless steel is the popular material choice because its smooth texture makes it easier to maintain and clean. Under the worksurface is where the reliable refrigerators are securely positioned. The refrigerator is effective in keeping the food and beverage products chilled for long hours because it is fully equipped with a powerful refrigerant.

Our selection of worktop refrigerators is designed with durable doors, drawers, or a combination of both to give easy access to employees. For improved visibility, these units are designed with LED lighting. It can also be mounted with casters for easy mobility and hassle-free cleaning. To learn more about our worktop refrigeration equipment and their advanced features, browse our catalog now!

Dual Temp & Undercounter Refrigeration
Dual Temp & Undercounter Refrigeration
Commercial Chef Bases
Commercial Chef Bases
Walk-In Refrigerator

Walk-In Refrigerator

Commercial Blast Chillers

Commercial Blast Chillers

Commercial Blast Chillers

Intensify the operation’s food protection with a high-powered blast chiller

Get the best commercial refrigeration equipment to increase the operation’s productivity and food safety. Proper preparation, cooking, and storing are the main ingredients to maintain the safety of the food. The blast chiller is the best type of commercial refrigeration to get as it is designed to improve the food’s protection by chilling the pre-prepared food at an extremely low temperature. The best part of this is it will only take a short time to do it. The exact timeframe varies on the brand model.

The blast chillers are commonly programmed with two standard cycles – soft and hard chill. But we also offer blast chillers that feature shock freeze and hold functions. These functionalities will allow the fan system to precisely operate at the required speed. The blast chillers are made with simple operation. They are engineered with an automatic and manual operation that can easily be accessed using their advanced control system. This saves the staff time and effort!

Reliable and durable, the blast chillers are built to last. They are popularly made of heavy-gauge stainless steel for the exterior and foamed-in-place high-density insulation material for the interior. Together, they can withstand daily intense use while chilling low to high-volume of food products. Space will never be an issue because the blast chiller’s unit comes in different sizes. For the kitchen with limited space, the undercounter blast chiller is the ideal type to get. But the roll-in blast chillers are the most competent of all for handling and storing huge volumes of food.

To know more about the advanced and functional features of the blast chillers, visit our catalog now. We also offer spare parts and accessories for various brand models.

Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Serve delectable ice creams and gelatos with our cutting-edge ice cream freezers

Excite dessert lovers by displaying ice cream, soft serve sundae, or gelato using our durable and attractive commercial ice cream freezers! Ice cream is arguably the most beloved dessert in the world. Nothing comes close to a scoop of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles or syrup on a warm summer day. This is why food service establishments need to invest in powerful and reliable ice cream machines. Culinary Depot offers the most impressive selection of commercial gelato and ice cream freezers. From robust batch freezers to heat-reflective dipping cabinets, we carry everything that an ice cream parlor might need.

Our ice cream display freezers and chest freezers feature a glass top that is certain to boost impulse purchases. We also offer specialized machines for storing gelato, soft serve sundae, and sorbet. Concession stands are guaranteed to benefit from our ergonomic ice cream drop-in freezers. Whatever their design or exclusive features, our units promise to make highly profitable, lifelong investments. Browse our catalog today and serve customers scoop after scoop of pure delight!

Commercial Work Tables and Stations

Commercial Work Tables and Stations

Commercial Work Tables and Stations

Optimize the kitchen’s functionality with a durable work table

Upgrade the operation’s work flow by adding high-quality and commercially-approved work tables. Equipping the operation with the right size and style of work tables and prep stations is an effective method to fully maximize the kitchen space while preventing cross-contamination. We have a large selection of professional work tables and prep stations that comes in a variety of sizes. Small or large-sized operation, we got it all cover!

The basic work tables available are made of 18-gauge stainless steel. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and mounted with four legs for stability. This is effective to use as an extension of workspace, food preparation, and other general, light-duty tasks. For medium to heavy use, we offer the work tables that are built with heavier gauge and type of stainless steel. Galvanized steel is often added to improve its durability and longevity. Now, the staff can pound and tenderize the meat and the work surface will remain free from scratches and dents. Other materials used are premium-quality wood. The wood top work tables are ideal to use for baking preparations.

There are two designs available for our work tables – open base and enclosed. The free space under the open base work table is perfect for placing any undercounter equipment or waste bins. While the enclosed design provides additional storage units. This is ideal to keep all the kitchen supplies and ingredients within reach. A few of the enclosed work tables feature a locking system to protect the content from theft.

Food preparations are not only performed inside the kitchen. Keep the work station on-the-go by getting a mobile counter. Our mobile counters are mounted with flexible casters and a sturdy work surface. There are a few brand models that are welded with a hand sink and undershelves for added convenience. These are only a few of the many impressive types of work tables and stations we offer. To know more, browse our catalog now!


Refrigerated Countertop Pan Rail


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Refrigeration Parts and Accessories


Portable Refrigerator and Freezer


Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

Find the best commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment choices to assure food products keep fresh!

Handling and storing perishable food products are always critical in a commercial operation. Expose them at room temperature and bacteria will rapidly grow. The presence of highly reliable refrigeration equipment can guarantee to preserve the food at their ideal storage and consumption temperatures. Here at Culinary Depot, we carry an extensive selection of commercial refrigeration that boasts long-term durability and efficacy. A variety of sizes and capacities are made available to assure owners can add the refrigeration equipment they need without sacrificing quality kitchen space.

All the commercial refrigeration we supply are also individually engineered for a specific application. The commercial refrigerator and freezer are the standard types owned in a foodservice operation. The commercial refrigerator is proven effective in maintaining the fresh quality of the ingredients. While the commercial freezer is perfect for extending the quality of raw meats and cooked meals. We also carry refrigerated display cases to boost impulse sales. These display cases are great in organizing and attractively displaying the food products while offering easy grab-n-go access. To learn more about our offers, browse our catalog now!