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Commercial Refrigerators for Bar Service Stations

Get our top-quality bar refrigerator to create a superior cooling and storing system for the bar station

Our professional-grade bar refrigerators are guaranteed to store any beverages at a safe cooling temperature! A highly organize bar station promotes a more efficient operation. The commercial bar refrigeration can deliver this every time because they are built with a sanitary and spacious interior. The interior comes with multiple layers of durable shelves that are designed to hold and neatly line up small to a large number of canned or bottled beverages. They are functional too because they are mostly built with a versatile worktop and an energy-efficient refrigeration system. The worktop is perfect for extending the workspace or placing caddies to keep the bar essentials and supplies within the bartender’s reach. While the refrigeration system consistently generates the proper cooling temperatures.

The commercial bar refrigeration we supply come in different types. The key to getting the right type is to consider the refrigerator’s size and storage capacity. The low-profile design of the back bar refrigeration makes them an ideal choice. Durable and sanitary, this refrigerated cabinet is built with a stainless-steel top and exterior. The material is expertly processed to form their standard or narrow cabinet. They come with one to three doors that can either feature a glass or solid construction. Both door styles can provide a leak-proof seal. Their only difference is, the glass door provides superior visibility while the solid doors offer security.

The interior of most back bar refrigerators features a shallow depth, approximately 22 to 32 inches front to back. For added convenience in servicing and maintenance, the refrigeration system is mounted safely either in the rear or side of the unit. The standard back bar refrigerator only offers one access. But we also offer other back bar refrigerators with front and back access. The pass-thru refrigerated cabinet feature 23 to 96 inches interior depth with four to six doors. The doors can easily access via sliding or swing. While their self-contained refrigeration system is securely mounted on the side of the unit.

Versatility at its best! The back bar refrigerator also offers a non-refrigerated cabinet to accommodate the needs of the non-perishable food products. These are only a few of the reliable and functional types of bar refrigeration we supply. To know more, browse our catalog now and see the complete selection!

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