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Bottle Cooler

Bottle Cooler

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Bottle Coolers

Use a versatile beverage cooler to keep the bottled drinks perfectly chilled and ready to serve

The bottle cooler is the best storage solution to organized bottled beverages while keeping them at a safe cooling temperature. We carry a wide range of commercial bottle coolers that works either with a pack of ice or an energy-efficient refrigeration system. The ice-cooled bottle cooler is the basic type and most advantageous for outdoor use. It has a portable unit size with an ergonomic handle to make it convenient to transport. Draining the ice water is made easy because it is built with a drain.

The refrigerated bottle cooler is ideal for indoor use. The refrigeration system is composed of a refrigerant, compressor, and condenser. Together, they will seamlessly operate to consistently generate the required temperature range and perform at its optimal peak. For guaranteed even distribution of cold temperatures, the cooler’s interior is fully insulated. Vents are built into the unit to allow proper airflow. Other electronic devices and features included varies in the brand.

The bottle coolers are highly functional. They are also perfect to beautifully display bottled beverages with the help of the glass hinged doors. Find them all here! Check our catalog now to see our complete selections of vertical and horizontal bottle coolers. All the compatible parts and accessories per brand model are also offered.