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Back Bar Cooler

Back Bar Cooler

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Back Bar Coolers

Proudly display the refreshments with superior back bar cooler

Match the demanding needs of the bar station by using a high-performing back bar cooler. Space is always an issue whenever there’s a need to add new refrigeration equipment. With our wide selection of commercial bar refrigerators, it will never be! All the brand models we offer are constructed with different unit sizes and styles to ensure they can accommodate all types of space requirements. They are also available in different types where each is uniquely constructed depending on their intended function. The back bar coolers are the standard and highly recommended type of bar refrigeration because most of its models are built with a larger storage capacity. This makes it convenient to store food products, food prep equipment, and other bar supplies needed for the operation to run smoothly.

The back bar coolers can also easily blend into a variety of interior designs. This is delivered by crafting each brand model with striking exterior design. Two of the popular exterior finishes are the modern, all-black vinyl finish and stainless-steel finish. The all-black finish allows the bar cooler to easily mix and match with other colors and décor. It also displays a strong resistant to fingerprints and smudges. While the stainless steel provides the bar cooler an elegant and cleaner appearance. Accessibility is a good advantage of our back bar coolers. Make sure to select the right access type for the door to achieve optimal efficiency. Swing and slide are the two access types available for the bar refrigeration. The swing motion is self-closing and proven to be energy-efficient, while the slide motion is ideal to use for all areas.

These are only a few of the amazing features of the back bar cooler we offer. For the complete list of our bar refrigeration equipment, check our catalog now! Replacement parts and accessories are also offered.