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Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler

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Commercial Wine Coolers

Chill bottles of wine to absolute perfection with our commercial wine coolers

Entice diners to try the establishment’s signature wine offerings using our classy wine coolers and refrigerators. Even the most casual drinker is unable to resist a delicious glass of wine. Whether it is red, white, or sparkling, the wine just has a distinctive quality that ramps up the aura of sophistication. It also goes well with steak, pasta, seafood, and other culinary crafts, especially when served chilled. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer commercial wine coolers designed to impress food critics and enthusiasts alike.

We have an extensive array of state-of-the-art commercial wine kegerators. We also carry wine merchandisers with elegant, crystal-clear glass doors that allow customers to read bottle labels. Most of these units come with backlit sign panels that read “Wine” or “Chilled Wine”. Some back bar coolers also boast a dual temperature feature to keep different types of wine in two of the most optimally controlled environments.

Browse our catalog now and get the ultimate wine cooler that will impress even the most meticulous sommelier!