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Merchandising Glass Door Refrigerators

Merchandising Glass Door Refrigerators

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Commercial Merchandising Glass Door Refrigerators

Enjoy an increase in the product visibility and promote impulse sales using a glass door refrigerator

Grow the foot traffic on the establishment by adding a professional-grade merchandising glass door refrigerator! We carry a broad range of merchandising glass door refrigerators that are perfect for proudly displaying all the perishable food products and beverages. From the name itself, it features a glass door with an access type of swinging or sliding. This door is constructed with a metal frame, dual- or triple-pane glass center, and fitted with a long, ergonomic handle. A few brands we supply often applied an additional Low-E coating to the glass to ensure the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through the glass is lessened.

Thanks to the sophisticated appearance and construction of the glass door, it allows the customers and staff to see the food products without the need of opening them. Also, it helps in locking the cold air inside the refrigerated cabinet. For the merchandising glass door refrigerator’s interior, it can be applied with stainless steel, white, or black finish. It is also fully insulated for better temperature retention. LED interior lights are also installed for brighter illumination.

Save energy and the environment, our merchandising glass door refrigerators are equipped with a powerful and eco-friendly refrigeration system. Rest assured that all the food products will receive a balanced and consistent cold temperature that can preserve their form and quality. All the merchandising glass door refrigerators we carry are powered by electricity. They can be built with one to three compartments where each boasts a spacious storage space.

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