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Pizza Preparation Refrigerator

Pizza Preparation Refrigerator

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Pizza Preparation Refrigerators

Refrigerate and prepare pizzas using our compact, space-saving pizza preparation refrigerators

Efficiently store and prepare pre-cooked pizzas with the help of our refrigerated pizza prep tables! Not all food service establishments have the time or manpower to mass-produce fresh pizzas. For this reason, many prepare all their pizza products ahead of time and store them in a reliable refrigerator to preserve their quality. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the finest collection of commercial pizza preparation refrigerators. Combining the serviceability of a prep station with a robust refrigeration unit, this equipment helps save valuable kitchen space.

We offer refrigerated pizza prep tables with built-in cutting boards to allow chefs to add toppings at the last minute. Each unit may also feature two to eight drawers, solid doors, swing doors, or a combination of doors and drawers. Constructed of premium-grade stainless steel, our offerings are durable, corrosion-proof, and easy to clean. They are further bolstered by cutting-edge refrigeration systems and environment-friendly components.

Reduce utility costs while simplifying preparation tasks by browsing our catalog today!