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Sandwich & Salad Preparation Refrigerator

Sandwich & Salad Preparation Refrigerator

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Salad and Sandwich Preparation Refrigerators

Prepare salads and sandwiches swiftly and effortlessly using our ergonomic, refrigerated prep tables

Store, prepare, and plate gourmet salads and deli sandwiches with the help of our refrigerated prep tables! Salads and sandwiches are among the most popular lunch, snack, or dinner options. Ensure to keep the ingredients fresh and protected against various contaminants at all times. Culinary Depot offers an impressive selection of refrigerated salad and sandwich prep tables! Combining the functionality of a commercial refrigerator and the versatility of a prep station, these units streamline culinary tasks and save precious kitchen space.

We offer commercial prep refrigerators with solid doors, swing doors, drawers, or built-in cutting boards. Establishments may also opt for a unit with a standard top, cutting top, or a mega top known for its large pan holding area. Constructed of stainless steel and insulated with high-density polyurethane, our offerings display extraordinary strength and durability. They also require virtually no effort for their cleaning and maintenance.

Browse our catalog now and get prep tables with high-caliber refrigeration systems and top-of-the-line components!