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Commercial Blast Chillers

Commercial Blast Chillers

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Commercial Blast Chillers

Intensify the operation’s food protection with a high-powered blast chiller

Get the best commercial refrigeration equipment to increase the operation’s productivity and food safety. Proper preparation, cooking, and storing are the main ingredients to maintain the safety of the food. The blast chiller is the best type of commercial refrigeration to get as it is designed to improve the food’s protection by chilling the pre-prepared food at an extremely low temperature. The best part of this is it will only take a short time to do it. The exact timeframe varies on the brand model.

The blast chillers are commonly programmed with two standard cycles – soft and hard chill. But we also offer blast chillers that feature shock freeze and hold functions. These functionalities will allow the fan system to precisely operate at the required speed. The blast chillers are made with simple operation. They are engineered with an automatic and manual operation that can easily be accessed using their advanced control system. This saves the staff time and effort!

Reliable and durable, the blast chillers are built to last. They are popularly made of heavy-gauge stainless steel for the exterior and foamed-in-place high-density insulation material for the interior. Together, they can withstand daily intense use while chilling low to high-volume of food products. Space will never be an issue because the blast chiller’s unit comes in different sizes. For the kitchen with limited space, the undercounter blast chiller is the ideal type to get. But the roll-in blast chillers are the most competent of all for handling and storing huge volumes of food.

To know more about the advanced and functional features of the blast chillers, visit our catalog now. We also offer spare parts and accessories for various brand models.