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Commercial French Fry Cutter

Commercial French Fry Cutter

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Commercial French Fry Cutters

Slice potatoes into various shapes and sizes with our French fry cutters

Effortlessly cut the potatoes with the help of a reliable French fry slicer! French fries are one of the people’s favorite to-go snacks. It requires versatile equipment to slice the potatoes into uniform pieces in a short period. The commercial French fry cutters are one of the handy tools to use for the job as they can produce consistent cuts of potatoes more efficiently than doing it by hand. No need to look elsewhere because we carry a wide range of commercial French fry cutters! Rest assured that all our cutters are expertly built to perform various food prep tasks safely and quickly.

Our selection of commercial French fry cutters can be operated manually or automatically. The manual French fry cutters are built with a simple and easy-to-use lever. This allows the user to easily cut any size and type of potatoes quickly. Due to its compact and portable size, it becomes ideal to use for small foodservice operations such as concession stands and cafés. For high-volume foodservice operations, the automatic French fry cutter is the best kitchen tool to use! Not only they can cut down the preparation time, but also save the staff from strain-related injuries. The automatic potato cutters we supply are powered either by electricity or air.

Whether the operations desire to produce straight, wedge, or curly fries, we have the perfect type of French fry slicers to offer! These French fry slicers are mostly constructed of stainless steel and cast-iron materials. Both materials are durable allowing the equipment to last long in the kitchen. Additionally, these sturdy potato cutters are easy to clean. To learn more about our commercial French fry cutters offerings, browse our catalog now!