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Commercial Sink

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Commercial Sinks

Install the correct type of sinks on the establishment to maintain the cleanliness of the wares, ingredients, and staff hands

A commercial sink plays a vital role in maintaining the wares and other supplies clean. Ensure to install the right type and quantity to assure it will meet the operation’s needs. We have an extensive selection of commercial sinks where each comes in a variety of sizes, several compartments, and mounting styles. Stainless steel is a popular material choice due to its practical indestructibility and strong resistance to heat, corrosion, and chemicals. A variety of finishes is often applied to create a professional and attractive appearance.

A compartment sink is one of the popular types available in our catalog. They are suitable to use for food preparation and ware washing. Depending on the operation’s washing needs, this type of commercial sink can be furnished with one to four compartments. The single-compartment sink is the most space-efficient, it can fit smaller-sized areas. It is perfect to use for washing ingredients or thawing frozen food products. For larger-sized operations that comply with the applicable food safety regulations, the three- and four-compartment sink is the smart choice to install. Every sink bowl can be dedicated to a specific application – rinse, scrape, wash, and sanitize.

Promote personal hygiene in the establishment by providing the staff with the proper hand sinks. There are several styles available for this commercial hand wash sink where each can be easily installed on the floor, wall, or under the countertop (drop-in sink). All the commercial sinks we supply may also come with faucets, side and backsplashes, a paper towel dispenser, and/or knee pedal for hands-free use. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection!

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