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4 Compartment Sink

4 Compartment Sink

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Commercial Four Compartment Sinks

Organize the cleaning process in each bowl sink of the heavy-duty four compartment sink

Get the right compartment sink to provide the proper washing of kitchen wares! Equip the operation with a heavy-duty and reliable commercial four compartment sink. This is the recommended choice to buy because it boasts of exceptional durability and efficiency. It assured to handle up to the toughest cleaning jobs that the operation can experience. Each bowl sink is built with different designs and sizes to ensure it can provide the operation’s washing needs.

Maintain the warewashing station organize by dedicating each sink bowl a specific cleaning process – scrapping of food, wash, rinse, or sanitize. The commercial four compartment sink is also available with various accessories to further increase its efficiency. All are designed specifically to comply with the proper sanitation codes. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selections of commercial sinks and accessories.