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2 Compartment Sink

2 Compartment Sink

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Commercial Two Compartment Sinks

Boost the washing productivity by using top-notch quality two compartment sinks

Make way with the best commercial two compartment sink! The compartment sink maintains the cleanliness and sanitization of all kitchen wares. If the operation produces light to medium-duty cleaning tasks, the best one to get is the two compartment sinks. This specific type of kitchen sink is built to last and can reliably withstand daily use. It is also available in various sizes to meet the operation’s needs. The 2 compartment sinks are versatile to use for various applications such as quick washing of wares, thawing food products, scrapping, and more. To maximize their efficiency, a variety of accessories are offered.

Extending the washing workspace is made possible by adding a drainboard. The commercial 2 compartment sink with drainboard is ideal to use as a drying station or preparation area. It is also built with different sizes of mounting holes for easy installation of the faucets. All the compartment sinks we offer are designed to comply with the Local and National sanitation codes. To know more about our selections of commercial sinks and accessories, browse our catalog now!