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Mop Sink

Mop Sink

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Mop Sinks

For convenient cleaning operations, provide staff with a mop sink

Maintain cleanliness in the kitchen with the help of a mop sink. To ensure food safety, it is essential to keep commercial kitchens as sanitary as possible. Having puddles on the floor must be avoided at all costs. Not only may it contaminate food, but it may also cause accidents and endanger staff. After washing the floor, mops and cloth need to be kept clean as well. Equip kitchens with a mop sink to provide an appropriate and reliable area to dispose of dirty water.

Our selection of janitorial sinks includes commercial mop sinks with varying designs to accommodate different kitchen layouts. We offer floor mop sinks for easy draining and plumbing connections. We also have wall-mounted mop sinks to save smaller kitchens of floor space. Moreover, we have freestanding models to provide additional storage space underneath the sink.

Our selection of mop sinks comes in several sizes to fit different kitchen layouts. There are options for numerous depths to hold small to large amounts of dirty water. For maximized operations, our selection also has mop sinks integrated into a cabinet. Check our catalog to see our complete list of mop sinks.