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Underbar Sink

Underbar Sink

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Underbar Sinks

Clean and dry glassware conveniently with our underbar sinks

Facilities serving drinks to the guests upfront require top-quality underbar sinks. Underbar sinks are essential to add in the bar and beverage station because it allow employees to wash and dry beverageware easily and more quickly. It’s a plus that it eliminates the need of transporting used and soiled glassware from the bar to the back-of-house dishwashers. This saves valuable time and effort!

Here in Culinary Depot, we offer a full line of high-quality underbar sinks that will surely exceed the owner's expectations. Our selection of underbar sinks come in various sizes to ensure they can fit on small to large spaces, or depending on the establishments' needs. We carry units designed with one to three compartments to provide a wider working space for the employees.

Efficient and versatile, some of our underbar sinks feature built-in ice bins for easy access of clean and fresh ice. Most of these commercial sinks are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting. For easy cleaning, these underbar sinks are constructed of one or two removable drainboards. Make sure to equip the establishment with our reliable underbar sinks. To learn more, browse our catalog now!