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    Carts Hand Sinks

    Commercial Hand Sink Carts

    Get the benefits of a handwashing cart and a heavy-duty sink in one compact, space-saving unit

    Strengthen the staff hygiene around the kitchen by adding a multi-functional commercial hand sink cart! Carts are a necessity for food service establishments and processing facilities. Similarly, an industry-compliant institution should not go without several handwashing sinks. Getting the benefits of a cart and a sink in one space-efficient unit will save commercial kitchens a lot of trouble. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer commercial hand sink carts designed to serve as handwashing stations.

    We boast a wide array of stainless-steel hand sink carts with portable, fully self-contained configurations. We also have carts with deck-mount faucets, built-in heaters, high-capacity sink bowls, or a combination of all three. Establishments may opt for single-bowl, portable sinks for the most space-constrained areas. They may also get units with cold or hot water only, or more convenient ones that feature both hot and cold water faucets. Furthermore, we carry hand sinks with a paper towel, soap dispensers, or sanitizer dispensers integrated into them.

    Browse our catalog now and take advantage of the most economical hand sink cart options in the industry!

Hand Sinks

Provide employees and customers with a convenient unit to wash their hands with by acquiring one of our commercial hand sinks

Encourage employees and patrons alike to pay close attention to proper hygiene by furnishing the establishment with our ergonomic hand sinks! Due to the current state of public health and safety, proper hygiene is more crucial than ever. Sanitizing equipment is stationed at every corner of both indoor and outdoor establishments. The lack of functioning commercial sinks could be detrimental from the perspective of sanitation agencies. Make sure that the food service establishment is prepared to meet the strictest industry regulations! Here at Culinary Depot, we offer an extensive collection of hand sinks to help facilities comply with the highest sanitation standards.

We offer drop-in commercial sinks for institutions that do not have a lot of space. We also carry portable and freestanding sinks that guarantee effortless installation no matter the designated area. Our wall-mounted sinks are designed to make smart use of the available wall space. Establishments may also opt for hand sinks with foot- or knee-operated faucets, pedestal bases, built-in soap or towel dispensers, and other innovative designs. Typically constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel, these units resist impact, rust, and other potentially corrosive factors.

Make food preparation and dining areas safer and more industry-compliant by installing the right type of hand sink! Browse our catalog today and learn more about our offerings.

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