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1 Compartment Sink

1 Compartment Sink

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Commercial One Compartment Sinks

Complete your warewashing station with a versatile one compartment sink

Install a reliable single compartment sink to keep the operation clean and safe! A sink is a warewashing solution that maintains the cleanliness and sanitization of the kitchen wares and products. The basic model offered is the single compartment sink. This specific type of sink is constructed using high-quality materials for maximum durability and hygiene. They also have a compact size to efficiently conserve the operation’s space. This makes it perfect to use for mobile operation and any type of establishment with tight spaces.

Maximize its efficiency by adding accessories such as drainboards or faucets. The commercial one compartment sink with drainboard is ideal to use as a drying station or an extension of the workspace. The faucet, on the other hand, ensures that the sink is supplied with clean water. The compartment sinks are built with different sizes of mounting holes. If there is a preferred faucet style, buy the sink compatible with it. All the one compartment sinks we offer are designed to comply with the Local and National sanitation codes. To know more about our selections of commercial sinks and accessories, browse our catalog now!