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Commercial Grill

Commercial Grill

Commercial Grill

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    Commercial Charbroilers

    Serve flavorful, evenly cooked dishes using our high-performing charbroilers

    Create distinctive char-grilled textures and flavors when cooking meats, sandwiches, and vegetables with our cutting-edge charbroilers! No menu is truly diverse without the addition of char-grilled steaks, patties, poultries, seafood, and more. For this reason, charbroilers have become staples at steakhouses and other foodservice establishments. They are also popularly known as chargrills or broilers. Each unit can be powered by electricity or gas. The electric-powered units are available in a broad range of voltage ratings. While the gas-operated units can run on either natural or propane gas. Other models may come as natural gas standards. But they are easy to convert using their compatible propane conversion kits.

    To promote versatility and convenience, each charbroiler is set for standard-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty applications. Control types can either be infinite to enable rapid-fire cooking or manual for a safer, more familiar option. For commercial kitchens aiming to save quality kitchen space, modular and countertop charbroilers are the perfect solution to get! They are highly customizable to install on any table or counter. On the other hand, the drop-in and freestanding charbroilers are reminiscent of industrial fryers and will suit to establishments with more space to spare. In terms of heating source, we carry models with ceramic, infrared, lava rock, or radiant cooking areas for optimal grilling flexibility.

    While most models come without a base, operators have the opportunity to add another function. A few of the add-ons offered are the chef base, standard or convection oven, and refrigerated storage cabinet. Typically constructed out of high-quality stainless steel and other durable, heavy-gauge metals, each charbroiler grill guarantees superior resistance to a host of detrimental elements and unparalleled longevity. Those constructed of stainless-steel help lower costs associated with frequent cleaning and maintenance. Browse our catalog now to see the most innovative set of commercial charbroilers that will set char-grilled dishes above the various competition!

    Commercial Panini Grill

    Commercial Panini Grill

    Commercial Panini Grills

    Prepare delectable paninis and sandwiches using a durable panini machine

    The commercial panini grills are the perfect cooking equipment for foodservice establishments that offers to-go sandwiches. We offer a full line of commercial grills exclusively designed to cook paninis evenly without overcooking or burning them. These quality panini grills effectively press pieces of bread and other ingredients together to make up tasty and appetizing paninis. Due to its ability to cook quickly and efficiently, it becomes the ideal commercial grill to use in concession stands, food courts, and other relevant food service establishments.

    The panini machines included in our catalog are made for standard, medium, and heavy-duty applications. All commercial panini presses are proven to produce high-volume outputs. Their only difference is, the standard-duty panini grill is more suitable for small to medium-sized foodservice operations. The medium-sized panini presses are ideal for medium-sized operations that regularly cater to meal rushes. While the heavy-duty panini grill is the most reliable cooking equipment for operations with high-volume grilling needs.

    Our commercial panini grills boast portability which contributes to the convenience of the users. They are usually located at the countertops of panini stands where customers can easily see. These panini grills are compact. Therefore, it assures to only consume minimal space at the countertop. Most of the panini machine included in our catalog are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel with cast iron plates, making them more durable and resistant to impact. They can also feature a thermostatic control to easily adjust the temperature of the grills. For quicker cleanup, these sandwich presses are designed with removable grease trays.

    The materials used for the commercial grill’s construction vary on the manufacturer. To learn more about our commercial panini grills selection, browse our catalog now!



    Commercial Griddles

    Equip the kitchen with a high-performing electric or gas griddle for quicker and convenient cooking

    Serve breakfast meals or savory burgers all day long with the help of a commercial griddle! A griddle is a type of commercial grills that feature a flat-top plate made of stainless steel or chrome. Both materials guarantee long service life. Their only difference is the stainless-steel offers more durability, while the chrome requires no seasoning but still provide a non-stick cooking surface. The griddle plate included per commercial griddle is available in different thicknesses. Each thickness varies on the intended application – standard, medium, and heavy-duty.

    The commercial griddle we supply is available in electric and gas model units. The electric griddles are known for being the safest as it doesn’t produce an open flame. It is equipped with powerful heating elements to produce the high temperature required to cook the food. The gas griddle, on the other hand, can heat up quickly and generate a higher BTU output. The gas and electric griddle may be engineered uniquely, but their temperatures can be easily controlled using their manual or thermostatic control.

    There are several types of commercial griddle available in our catalog where each is built for specific usage. The countertop griddle is the space-effective type that is suitable to use for smaller kitchens or any foodservice operations that serve grab-and-go food items. It may be small in size but be assured that it met all the ventilation and power required for a griddle. We also have a drop-in griddle for establishments that displays front-of-the-house cooking. For Japanese-style cooking, a Teppanyaki griddle is the best type to own.

    Each type of commercial griddles we offer comes with incredible and cost-effective features. Discover them all by browsing our catalog now!

Commercial Grills

Equip the operation with indoor or outdoor grills and enjoy great-tasting dishes

Use the right type of commercial grills to perfectly infuse all the scrumptious smoky flavor into the dish! No one can resist an evenly grilled meat packed with moisture and aromatic flavor. Achieve this great tasting result every day just by using a high-end commercial grill. There are several types of indoor and outdoor grills available in our catalog and they can all be operated using charcoal, electricity, or gas. Charcoal is the traditional fuel type used for grills and they are advantageous for outdoor cooking. The electrical and gas grills are versatile units because they can be used both indoor and outdoor, as long as their respective connection are met. Aside from the fuel types, the commercial grills can also come in different sizes, installation types, heating sources, and usage capabilities.

A smoky-flavored dish with beautifully grilled marks on its exterior layer is what makes the charbroilers stand out! They are usually completed with top grates, burners, and three types of heating sources. The heating sources that can be included are infrared, lava rocks, or radiant heating. All are proven effective; they will only differ on the grilling speed and flavor it can infuse to the dishes. The top grates are often made reversible for maximum cooking efficiency. Small or large working space, the charbroilers can sure fit all area sizes! This type of commercial grill can be built with a countertop, freestanding, and modular unit. For easy cleanup, a waste tray is often included.

In cooking the famous breakfast food recipes, the commercial griddles are the best cooking equipment to rely on! Unlike the heavily grooved top grates of the traditional grill, griddles feature a smooth flat top cooking plate. The thickness of the griddle plate varies on the unit’s type – standard, medium, or heavy-duty. They can also be made of steel or chrome. Not all commercial grills are dedicated to finger-licking, greasy dishes. We also offer other cooking equipment that can cook or warm famous bread recipes. The tortilla grills are perfect for food service establishments that serve fresh taco or fajita wraps. While the panini grills are recommended for preparing Italian bread recipes such as baguette and panino.

These are only a few of the many commercial grills available in our catalog. Browse it now and see our complete selection!

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