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Commercial Charbroilers

Serve flavorful, evenly cooked dishes using our high-performing charbroilers

Create distinctive char-grilled textures and flavors when cooking meats, sandwiches, and vegetables with our cutting-edge charbroilers! No menu is truly diverse without the addition of char-grilled steaks, patties, poultries, seafood, and more. For this reason, charbroilers have become staples at steakhouses and other foodservice establishments. They are also popularly known as chargrills or broilers. Each unit can be powered by electricity or gas. The electric-powered units are available in a broad range of voltage ratings. While the gas-operated units can run on either natural or propane gas. Other models may come as natural gas standards. But they are easy to convert using their compatible propane conversion kits.

To promote versatility and convenience, each charbroiler is set for standard-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty applications. Control types can either be infinite to enable rapid-fire cooking or manual for a safer, more familiar option. For commercial kitchens aiming to save quality kitchen space, modular and countertop charbroilers are the perfect solution to get! They are highly customizable to install on any table or counter. On the other hand, the drop-in and freestanding charbroilers are reminiscent of industrial fryers and will suit to establishments with more space to spare. In terms of heating source, we carry models with ceramic, infrared, lava rock, or radiant cooking areas for optimal grilling flexibility.

While most models come without a base, operators have the opportunity to add another function. A few of the add-ons offered are the chef base, standard or convection oven, and refrigerated storage cabinet. Typically constructed out of high-quality stainless steel and other durable, heavy-gauge metals, each charbroiler grill guarantees superior resistance to a host of detrimental elements and unparalleled longevity. Those constructed of stainless-steel help lower costs associated with frequent cleaning and maintenance. Browse our catalog now to see the most innovative set of commercial charbroilers that will set char-grilled dishes above the various competition!