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Commercial Panini Grill

Commercial Panini Grill

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Commercial Panini Grills

Prepare delectable paninis and sandwiches using a durable panini machine

The commercial panini grills are the perfect cooking equipment for foodservice establishments that offers to-go sandwiches. We offer a full line of commercial grills exclusively designed to cook paninis evenly without overcooking or burning them. These quality panini grills effectively press pieces of bread and other ingredients together to make up tasty and appetizing paninis. Due to its ability to cook quickly and efficiently, it becomes the ideal commercial grill to use in concession stands, food courts, and other relevant food service establishments.

The panini machines included in our catalog are made for standard, medium, and heavy-duty applications. All commercial panini presses are proven to produce high-volume outputs. Their only difference is, the standard-duty panini grill is more suitable for small to medium-sized foodservice operations. The medium-sized panini presses are ideal for medium-sized operations that regularly cater to meal rushes. While the heavy-duty panini grill is the most reliable cooking equipment for operations with high-volume grilling needs.

Our commercial panini grills boast portability which contributes to the convenience of the users. They are usually located at the countertops of panini stands where customers can easily see. These panini grills are compact. Therefore, it assures to only consume minimal space at the countertop. Most of the panini machine included in our catalog are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel with cast iron plates, making them more durable and resistant to impact. They can also feature a thermostatic control to easily adjust the temperature of the grills. For quicker cleanup, these sandwich presses are designed with removable grease trays.

The materials used for the commercial grill’s construction vary on the manufacturer. To learn more about our commercial panini grills selection, browse our catalog now!