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Culinary Depot is your source for commercial ice machines for your commercial kitchen, bar, hotel or events venue. We stock a variety of different kinds of ice machines suitable for your business. Choose from all different shapes of ice, including nugget ice, flake ice, crescent cubes, full-size cubes, chewblets and more.

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We’re proud to stock the latest and greatest ice maker models from trusted ice maker brands like:

Different Types of Ice Machines

Air-cooled ice machines are the most common type. They’re the most affordable, easy to install, but use more power to keep the ice frozen. Water-cooled ice machines circulate water to help chill the ice, using more water but less power. They can be more costly up-front, but help save on your utility bills. Under-counter ice machines are ideal for bars with a compact footprint. Remote condenser ice machines feature a compact footprint with the condenser unit located elsewhere, like outside the building or on a rooftop. Installation is more complicated, but you’ll enjoy quiet operation with superior ice-making capacity from the most compact footprint inside your kitchen.

Ice Machine Related Products

Along with the ice machines themselves, Culinary Depot is your source for replacement parts and accessories for your ice maker, as well as water filtration systems and cartridges for the cleanest ice. Store gallons of ice in chilled ice bins or dispense to your customers in ice dispensers. Bag the ice you’ve made with ice bagging machines and display for retail sale in our ice merchandiser freezers. Trust the pros at Culinary Depot for all your commercial ice equipment needs.

Ice Makers FAQs

Q:How Much Does a Commercial Ice Machine Cost?
The price of the ice maker that suits your needs and the cost to operate the ice maker will vary depending on the amount of ice you need. The most affordable air-cooled ice machines cost less than $2,000 while the highest capacity water-cooled or remote-condenser machines can cost $10,000 or more. Ice machines typically use 15-25 gallons of water per 100 pounds of ice made. To calculate the power usage of your ice machine, multiply the power rating (watts) of the appliance by the amount of time (hours) the appliance is on, and divide by 1000 to get the appliance’s kilowatt hours (kWh). Check the production capacity of your ice maker model to determine your machine’s daily water and power usage.
Q:How do I Clean an Ice Machine?
To properly clean your ice machine, first remove all ice from the ice tub and get the interior of the machine completely dry. Use a cleaning solution to wipe down all the surfaces and any removable components. Or, your ice machine may feature a cleaning cycle you can run to do some of the hard work for you - check your owner’s manual for details. Then, sanitize the machine to prevent growth of bacteria or mold inside your machine. A routine cleaning and santiizing of your ice maker should be part of your kitchen’s seasonal deep cleaning process. This will not only keep your ice safe for customers, it will also ensure the best performance of your ice maker.
Q:How Do I Chose the Right Ice Machine?
The most important thing is to make sure you get an ice machine with the right capacity. There are two figures to understand: Ice making capacity and storage capacity. Figure out how much ice you need and how much ice you want to have stored at all times. Then, use the filters on our shopping pages to narrow down your search based on 24-hour ice yield. You can also filter by the type of ice you want your machine to make.
Q:What are the Different Kinds of Ice my Ice Machine can Make?
Different ice makers can make different sizes and shapes of ice. The most common shapes are: Cubes, nuggets, flakes, crescents and chewblets. Choose the ice shape that best suits your menu!
Q:How is An Ice Machine Installed?
Installation involves connecting your ice machine to power, water supply and a water drain. If you have questions about installation or want professional installation help, reach out to our customer service team by phone with questions about the specific model you’re interested in.