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Water Filtration System & Cartridge

Water Filtration System & Cartridge

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Water Filtration Systems and Cartridges

Replace empty cartridges with a new one for consistent removal of harmful contaminants, taste, and odors

Most of the commercial ice equipment is built to produce pure, safe-to-consume ice. Make it possible by filtering all the contaminants away from the water supply using an advanced water filtration system and cartridges! The water filter systems and cartridges we carry are proven effective to use in various water-using equipment. Not only do they keep the water safe for ice making and human consumption, but also prolong the service life of the ice equipment.

We have an extensive selection of water filtration systems and cartridges where each is expertly formulated to remove a specific type of pathogens. For maximum protection, other brands we supply also formulate their water filter systems and cartridges to remove lead, chlorine taste, odors, and other harmful contaminants.

The water filtration systems we supply include several pieces of components. A pressure gauge is one of the components included and they are handy to use in determining if the cartridges require to be changed. Speaking of, we also carry cartridges in different micron ratings, types, capacities, and service flow rates. No matter how small or large the sediments are, these cartridges can filter it all! Most of the cartridges we carry are compatible with drop-in-style filter heads. But we also offer other cartridges with a sanitary quick-change feature.

The advantage of this water filtration system component is its sanitary, fully enclosed container. This is intended to ensure no bacteria can enter and grow inside of it. It is also sold separately to directly replace the ice equipment’s original filter cartridge. All the water filtration systems we carry are designed to accommodate single or multiple equipment needs. Get to know all of our offers by browsing our catalog now!