Commercial Ice Storage - Bins & Dispensers

High-performance reliable commercial ice Bins and Dispensers

Commercial Ice Storage - Bins & Dispensers

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Commercial Ice Storage - Bins & Dispensers

Restauraunts, bars, hotels and venues need lots of ice on hand whenever the business is open. Keep large quantities of ice at the ready in ice bins and ice dispensers from Culinary Depot. We stock the best ice storage solutions from trusted brands for your foodservice business. Keep customers and staff alike happy, cool and hydrated.

Top Ice Bin & Dispenser Brands

We're proud to stock the ice storage and dispensing machines from top brands like:

Different Types Of Ice Bins & Dispensers

Depending on what will fit in your kitchen, bar or buffet, we have ice dispensers and bins of various capacities. Especially if your ice dispenser will be customer-facing, you might prefer a combination ice and water dispenser instead. Models are available that dispense cold and hot water and even sparking or alkaline water as well.

Ice Storage Related Products

Now that you have storage you need for your ice, Culinary Depot is your source for the ice machines & ice makers you need to make it! We also stock replacement parts and accessories for your ice bins and dispensersr, as well as water filtration systems and cartridges for the cleanest ice. Bag the ice you've made with ice bagging machines and display for retail sale in our ice merchandiser freezers. Trust the pros at Culinary Depot for all your commercial ice equipment needs.


Q:What Kinds of Ice Dispensers Are Available?
The simplest ice dispensers simply store ice in a chilled reservoir to be dispensed. You simply load your ice into the bin. More sophisticated ice makers can pair with an icemaker for a seamless ice supply, and can feature water dispenser too, including hot and cold water for making all sorts of beverages.
Q:How Often do I Need to Clean My Ice Dispenser?
Best practice is to clean and sanitize an ice maker and all removable components every 6 months to prevent the buildup of mold or bacteria inside the machine. If your local area has hard water or high humidity, you may need to perform a cleaning more often.
Q:How Do I Fix a Broken Ice Dispenser?
You can consult your owner’s manual for routine maintenance information. Regular maintenance and cleaning is the best way to prevent problems with your ice dispenser. If you need to repair or replace a componet of your ice maker, Culinary Depot also provides replacement parts and accessories for your ice dispenser. Be sure to consult a professional when working with appliances that are connected to both power and water! Reach out to our customer support team if you have specific questions.
Q:Why Do My Ice Cubes Look Cloudy or White?
Clear ice cubes provide a desirable aesthetic compared to cloudy ones. What’s more, clouded ice cubes may melt faster or impart an off taste to beverages. Clear ice contains no impurities, while cloudy ice cubes contains air bubbles or particulate matter from hard water, calcium deposits and other minerals. These minerals can negatively affect the flavor of customer’s drinks. To get clear ice cubes, ensure you replace the water filters in your ice equipment regularly and keep the machines clean.
Q:How Do I Fix a Clogged Ice Maker?
You may be tempted to jam an ice pick or other object up the dispenser chute to clear a clog. However, this could damage the machine. Instead, open up the top and pour clean, warm water into the machine and down the chute. This will accelerate the ice melting and get the clog to come free faster without risking damage or adding any undesirable chemicals to your machine.