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Combination Ice and Water Dispensers / Machines

Combination Ice and Water Dispensers / Machines

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Combination Ice and Water Dispensers/Machines

Store and dispense ice and water with ease using space-efficient dispensing machines

Don’t let the kitchen run out of clean ice and refreshing drinking water! Equip the operation now with dependable combination ice and water dispensers. One of the top priorities of food establishments is having readily available clean drinking water and fresh ice for service at all times. To successfully pull this off, a reliable combination ice and water machines must be added.

We have an extensive selection for this type of commercial ice machine and all are proven effective in storing cold water and fresh ice in the same unit. With this incredible capability, the combination ice and water dispenser is considered cost-effective. Thus, helping the food establishments in saving up money for other important kitchen equipment.

Our selection of combination ice and water dispensers comes in different sizes and capacities. The countertop ice and water dispensers offer easy accessibility and space efficiency. While the freestanding models are perfect for any high-volume establishments. With their user-friendly dispensing style (lever, push-button, or sensor), all ice and water combination machines become advantageous for front-of-house use. In terms of capacities, these ice and water dispensers can accommodate low to high volumes of water and ice.

Each ice and water combination machine is also designed for a specific type of ice to store and dispense. For beverage stations that offer blended beverages, the combination ice and water dispensers dedicated to nugget ice are ideal to get. Other model units we carry can dispense and store crescent, flakes, block, crushed, and cube ice. The combination ice and water dispensers we offer can either feature an air-cooled or water-cooled condenser.

Make sure to invest in this extraordinary ice equipment! To learn more about our offerings, browse our catalog now.