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Ice Bins

Ice Bins

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Ice Bins

Keep ice fresh and sanitary in an ice bin

For clean and sanitary operations, store ice in a reliable ice storage bin. An ice bin is essential to any restaurant, bar, and other food service establishments. It holds freshly made ice and ensures it is cool and clean until serving time. Our selection of commercial ice bins come in various styles to accommodate different kitchen needs. It includes stationary ice bins with or without adjustable, sturdy legs. We also offer ice bins with mobile unit extensions for easy transportation of ice anywhere it is needed.

For long-lasting operations, our ice storage bins present durable stainless-steel construction. Our stainless-steel ice bin units also feature excellent insulation to maintain cool temperatures of ice. To fit any kitchen layout, we offer models in different sizes. Undercounter ice bins are commonly smaller than standard models and are ideal for bars or kitchens with limited spaces. Meanwhile, lighter models are suitable for countertop use.

We have commercial ice bins in numerous capacities to cater to low- or high-volume productions as well. There are models with additional features for enhanced operations. It includes units with bagger kits for easy packaging of ice. Look through our catalog to see our complete offerings of ice bins.

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