Commercial Ice Equipment And Supplies

High-performance reliable commercial ice makers and equipment

Commercial Ice Equipment And Supplies

Commercial Ice Equipment and Supplies

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Commercial Ice Makers & Equipment

Ensure your kitchen staff have plentiful ice ready for soft drinks, cocktails and more with a quality ice machine and accessories from Culinary Depot. No matter what you need for your restaurant, bar, hotel or events center, you can find it in our wide range of ice makers, ice storage bins, dispensers and more.

Top Ice Maker Brands

We’re proud to stock ice machines, ice storage, ice baggers, merchandisers and more from trusted, quality brands like:

Industries That Need Ice Makers

Ice machines are an obvious choice for bars and restaurants serving cold drinks, but Culinary Depot stocks ice machines ideal for all sorts of retail and hospitality businesses too. Ice dispensers on every floor are a mainstay at every major hotel in America. Ice baggers and merchandisers are ideal for anywhere that wants to sell bags of ice, like convenience stores and grocery stores. Buffets and cafeterias can provide fresh ice and water from combination ice and water dispensers. You’ll also find them in hospital waiting rooms, offices, retail showrooms, convention centers and more.

Ice Maker Related Products

Along with the ice machines themselves, Culinary Depot is your source for replacement parts and accessories for your ice maker, as well as water filtration systems and cartridges for the cleanest ice. Store gallons of ice in chilled ice bins or dispense to your customers in ice dispensers. Bag the ice you’ve made with ice bagging machines and display for retail sale in our ice merchandiser freezers. Trust the pros at Culinary Depot for all your commercial ice equipment needs.


Q:Will My Ice Maker Work Without a Water Filter?
Check the owner’s manual that comes with your ice maker to determine if it will still work without a water filter in place. However, a water filter is important part of your commercial ice maker. Restaurant and fast food kitchens need to serve clean, sanitary ice cubes. Studies have shown that contaminated water and dirty ice machines are just as likely as spoiled or undercooked food to give customers symptoms associated with food poisoning! What’s more, operating an ice maker without a water filter installed may void your manufacturer’s warranty. At Culinary Depot, we stock all the filters and cleaning chemicals you need to serve clean, cold ice in your drinks.
Q:Will My Ice Maker Work Without Water?
No. Ice machines need a supply of water to make ice cubes. Most ice machines are connected to a water line in your building’s plumbing system. However, if this isn’t possible in your kitchen, you may be able to connect your ice machine to a separate water tank which you fill manually instead. You can also fill the ice maker directly - however, you’ll need to do this often to get an adequate supply of ice.
Q:Does My Ice Maker Need a Drain?
Yes. A drain is required to remove ice melt and excess water from your ice maker. Most ice makers are installed to a gravity drain - a simple drain pipe like you’d find in your shower or bathtub. If a gravity drain isn’t available where you intend to install your ice maker, a drain pump can be installed instead.
Q:How Do I Clean my Ice Equipment?
To properly clean your ice equipment, first remove all ice from the machine and get the machine completely dry. Use a cleaning solution to wipe down all the interior surfaces and any removable components. Then, sanitize the machine to keep your customers safe. A regular deep-clean and santiizing of your ice equipment should be part of your seasonal deep cleaning process. This will prevent growth of bacteria and mold and ensure the best performance and quality from your ice equipment.
Q:Which Ice Equipment Should I Choose for My Kitchen?
For your restaurant or bar, an ice machine is essential. Ice makers can be installed as standalone appliances, installed under counters or sit on top of counters. Additionally, you can purchase ice bins to store large quantities of ice without melting. Ice dispensers are great for cafeterias, hospitals, buffets and fast food joints that want to allow customers to dispense their own ice. Combination ice and water makers are also available. Finally, if you want to make ice available to customers to-go, ice bagging machines and ice merchandiser freezers are perfect for corner stores, gas stations and supermarkets.