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Air Cooled Ice Machines

Air Cooled Ice Machines

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Air-cooled ice machine

The Air Cooled ice machine is the standard ice machine for daily ice supply needs

Whether you need to store, produce, and/or dispense ice daily, Culinary Depot has the perfect ice machine to offer! Ice output, storage, and size are the common factors to consider in finding the right ice machines for the operation. But don’t forget to consider the type of condenser because this determines the overall compatibility of the ice machine on the intended working location. Air cooled condenser is the most popular choice for commercial ice machines. It is an all-around unit that can reliably produce low to high-volume of ice per 24-hour production and can fit almost any location. Install it under the counter or combine it with other ice machines, it will deliver the same great result.

The air-cooled ice machines are also cost-effective. It is easy to install and doesn’t require any connections to a water supply. Most of its models hold an Energy Star certification. Therefore, it assured to perform at its maximum while saving utility costs. Browse our catalog now to see the complete selections we offer for commercial air-cooled ice machines.

We carry lot's of different air-cooled ice machine brands including Manitowoc Air Cooled Ice Machines Admiral Craft, Follett LLC , HoshizakiIce-O-Matic, Icetro, Atosa and Scotsman air cooled ice machine.