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Henny Penny Fryer Error Codes and What They Mean

Aug 2nd 2022 - Monica Cunanan

Henny Penny Fryer Error Codes and What They Mean

Henny Penny makes a wide range of products for the food service industry and these include commercial fryers. Most deep fryers manufactured by Henny Penny use a digital readout system called Henny Penny Computron 1000 or 8000. If there is an issue with the machine, these Henny Penny Fryer display error codes, and messages. What do those terms actually mean?

With some help from community members and the service manual, here is a cheat sheet with common errors, so you can easily diagnose the problem. You may also look at this troubleshooting guide to easily fix the problem.

Henny Penny Error Codes and Their Meanings:

Error Code Meaning
E-4 Control Board Is Overheating
E-5 Oil or Shortening Is Overheating
E-6 Error Occurred with the Temperature Probe
E-10 High Limit Has Tripped
E-15 Drain Handle Is Open While the Fryer Is on
E-20 Error Occurred with the Gas Ignition System
E-41 Lost Programming Settings
E-46 Faulty EEPROM Write Error
E-47 Analog Converter Chip Experienced an Analog-To-Digital (A-To-D) Failure
E-48 Input System Error

It's important to note that if you have multiple error messages, only the most severe or priority error one will be reported. These lists are ordered by number, not by importance. Some of these control system failures might be easier to fix than others (i e.g. closing the drain switch). But most fryer error codes will require some additional work or problem-solving. If you're not sure whether there's something wrong with your fryer, please call an authorized technician for help.

Featured Model: Henny Penny PXE100.0

E-4: Control Board Is Overheating

Make sure the fryer has enough clearance from the sides and top of the fryer. Check for any obstructions on the side louver.

E-5: Oil or Shortening Is Overheating

Check if the contactor or burner is locked on. Turn the power switch unit off and on again. If the display shows E-5, have the heating circuit checked by an authorized technician.

E-6: An error has occurred with the temperature probe

It could be faulty, damaged or not connected.

  • E-6A= means there is an open circuit.
  • E-6B = means there is a short.

Make sure they're checked and fixed by an authorized technician.

E-10: High Limit Has Tripped

Similar case to E-5, the oil is most likely too hot.

To be sure, check to see if the contactor or burner is locked on. If the Henny Penny unit is dry-fired or the oil level is not high enough, then this problem may occur. After letting the unit cool down for fifteen to twenty minutes, press the reset button. If the high limit does not reset, it must be replaced by an authorized technician.

E-15: Drain Handle Is Open While the Fryer Is on

Open the drain only when the fryer power is turned off. If E-15 occurs while the drain appears closed, check the drain switch

E-41: Lost Programming Settings

If the capacitor on the CPU board fails or because of voltage spikes and dropouts, this can occur. Resetting the power may fix the issue. If not, contact an authorized technician to replace the CPU board.

E-46: Faulty EEPROM Write Error

EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) only occurs if the EEPROM chip has failed or if the CPU board is faulty. You may need to contact an authorized technician to replace the CPU.

E-47: Analog Converter Chip Experienced an Analog-To-Digital (A-To-D) Failure

If this is displayed, the 12V supply on the I/O board has failed, the analog 5 V supply or the A-to-D chip is faulty. Ensure that there is no moisture damage.

Make sure the speaker works normally by testing it using a key on the control board. If it doesn't function or give faint sounds, the electrical supply, I / O board and/or chip may need to be replaced by a certified service technician.

E-48: Input System Error

This means the CPU can’t read buttons or digital inputs. This will need to be repaired or replaced by an authorized technician.

E-20: Error Occurred with the Gas Ignition System

Check the guide below.

E-20: Error Occurred with the Gas Ignition System

See errors below for more specific issues.

E-20A: Fan Vacuum Sensor Is Stuck Closed Even When the Fan Is Off

There could be a fault in the vacuum sensor or a loose connection. In the normal sequence, the control panel checks to see if the sensor is an open circuit before turning the draft fan on, and in the second sequence, it will verify the fan is on before closing the vacuum sensor. Make sure the fan isn't running because it shouldn't be until after the first sequence. Once you press the timer button, the Henny Penny unit will attempt to ignite again.

E-20B: Fan Vacuum Sensor Failed to Close When the Fan Switched on

If there is a broken or disconnected wire, the fan or vacuum sensor may fail. The vacuum sensor or vacuum hose may be defective or there may be faulty wiring connections to the vacuum sensor. All these will need to be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.

E-20C: Ignition Module Is Not Responding

When the ignition module is locked after losing the flame four consecutive times, the problem is most likely due to an issue with the ignition module itself. It is either broken or disconnected. If this error occurs, check the wiring, the module, or the relay on your I/O board. An authorized technician will need to check and repair both issues.

E-20D: Unit Is Failing to Ignite or Sense the Flame

Try turning the power back on and off. Check the connections between the gas lines and the gas shut-off valves. The ignition module, gas valve, flame sensor gap, and the wiring for the valve and ignition module must be checked by an authorized technician.

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