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Ventless Countertop Fryer

Ventless Countertop Fryer

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Ventless Countertop Fryers

Create a healthier workspace by adding ventless frying machines

Transform a customer into a valuable patron by serving their favorite deep-fried dish with a perfectly golden-brown, crispy exterior and evenly cooked! There are tons of cooking equipment that can perform the frying tasks. But only a commercial fryer can do the job right every time! We offer an extensive selection of commercial frying machines that guarantee long service life and strong resistance to various detrimental elements. They also come in different sizes, capacities, types, and power types to ensure all frying needs and demands of small to large foodservice operations are well-accommodated.

For foodservice establishments with limited space and aren’t always serving meal rushes, the ventless countertop fryers are the recommended type to get. With its compact unit, it can easily place on any sturdy and level counters or tables. A set of sturdy legs can be included to achieve optimal stability when in use. It is also engineered ventless to save the owners from installing an expensive and large-sized hood system that is traditionally required on floor model units.

Frying different food products can create greasy vapors. This is the reason a reliable hood system is mandated to be installed alongside any steam or moist-generating cooking equipment like the commercial fryers. Though the countertop fryer is engineered ventless, it still can eliminate the greasy smokes and steams in an instant. This is made possible by equipping it with an internal filtration system.

To learn more about the incredible features included per ventless countertop fryer, browse our catalog now! Compatible add-on accessories and direct replacement parts are also offered.