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Electric Fryer

Electric Fryer

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Electric Fryers

Make delicious crispy food in no time with a durable and reliable electric fryer

Increase efficiency by switching to commercial electric fryer operations. An electric deep fryer is an essential piece of cooking equipment to any restaurant or dining establishment. It soaks ingredients into a deep pool of hot, boiling oil for faster cooking times and effortless frying operation. Also, it cooks from all sides simultaneously. This provides uniform food texture and taste.

Our selection of electric fryers features light, medium, and heavy-duty units to accommodate different production demands. Light-duty electric fryer models are recommended for establishments with lower volume demand. This includes concession stands and food kiosks. Meanwhile, medium-duty and heavy-duty models are ideal for busier restaurants that require prolonged frying operations.

We also offer different electric fryer types to cover various kitchen needs. A countertop deep fryer unit conserves space and provides a more spacious work area. It is best for kitchens with limited spaces. Meanwhile, floor units offer a higher capacity for demanding operations. A split-pot commercial deep fryer is ideal for busy kitchens as well. It allows simultaneous frying of two different foods without worrying about temperature differences and flavor transfer.

Buy a brand-new electric fryer today for enhanced operations. View our catalog to see our comprehensive list of electric deep fryer units!