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Henny Penny Fryer - How To Troubleshoot

Aug 1st 2022 - Monica Cunanan Troubleshoot guide, 

Henny Penny Fryer - How To Troubleshoot

Fried foods are an essential part of any restaurant and commercial kitchen. Henny Penny makes a wide range of products for the food service industry, making them easy to use for better food quality and enjoyment.

If something is causing your commercial fryer to malfunction, it can cause your business to come to a standstill. Luckily, we have Henny Penny Fryer troubleshooting tips to help you out. Here are tips for top Henny Penny models. This is applicable to standard and high-volume OFE/OFG/OEA/OGA open fryers, LVE/LVG split and full vat open fryers, and PFE/PFG pressure fryers.

With some help from the community and service manual, here is how to fix Henny Penny Fryers for select models

Common Issues: Henny Penny Fryers

How To Troubleshoot Henny Penny Fryers

Fryer Is Not Running

If the unit isn't running, check these things first:

  • Open circuit: An open circuit occurs when the power switch is turned “on” but the fryers aren’t running. Check to see if the power cord is plugged into an outlet and the circuit breaker or fuse is working correctly.
  • Tripped motor thermal protector: If the filter switch is ON but the motor isn't running, that means the thermal protector has tripped (or shut off). Reset the thermal switch so that it works again.

Oil Is Not Heating Up

If oil or shortening isn't heating when the lights are on, look for the potential causes listed below.

  • Open high limit circuit: If the OHLC circuit is open or tripped, reset it from the High-Temperature Limit Control. Read the instruction manufacturer manual before using the product.
  • Open drain valve: Turn the drain valve handle into the "closed" position.

Oil Is Boiling or Foaming Over

If the oil or shorten is bubbling or foaming over, check for these things:

  • Water is Present: Make sure to keep an eye out for water. If you see any presence of water in the oil or shorten­ing, drain the oil or shorten­ings before cooking again.
  • Incorrect rin­sing: Make sure to not let any water remain inside the unit after rinsing. Dry the frypot thoroughly after cleaning and rinsing it.
  • Incorrect or wrong oil: The oil or shorten­ing may be bad or incorrect for use. Read the owner’s instructions for the recommended oil or shorten­ing to use.
  • Incorrect filtering: There may be mistakes in the filtering procedure. Follow the instructions in the user manual carefully.

Oil Is Not Draining

If the oil or shortening doesn't drain out of the frypot, the drainage valve may be blocked. Check to see if there are any crumbs blocking the valve. If so, open up the valve and clean it by brushing it out.

Pressure is Too High

Pressure Models Only

If the operating pressure of a Henny Penny pressure fryer is too high, the lid could get stuck. Turn off the fryer and allow it to cool so that the oil doesn't burn. After it’s cooled off, remove the deadweight as per the instructions in the operation manual.

WARNING (As Per Henny Penny Manual):

Do not operate the unit if the pressure gauge reads "high" pressure. It could result to severe injuries and burn wounds will result. Turn off the pump switch immediately. This allows the unit to cool down before pumping again. Do not resume using the unit until the cause of the high pressure has been determined and fixed.

Pressure Won’t Build

Pressure Models Only

If the pressure isn't building on a pressure fryer then look for these things:

  • There isn't enough food in the fry pot: Pressure issues may occur when there isn't enough food in a frypot. When cooking food in oil, make sure the frypot is fully loaded.
  • A leaking lid gasket: If there are cracks and splits in the lid gasket, it needs to be replaced by an approved technician.
  • Metal Shipping Spacer: If the metal shipping spacer has not been removed from the deadweight, see if the metal shipping spacers are still attached to the deadweight. You must follow the correct procedures in the operation manual.
  • Incorrectly programmed Pressure: The machine may need to be reprogramed using the correct pressure settings. Please refer to the instructions included with the product.
  • Broken PC board: If the PC board is broken, get it fixed by an authorized technician right away.

Featured Model: Henny Penny PXE100.0

Pressure Won’t Exhaust

Pressure Models Only

If the pressure isn't exhausting at the end of the cooking cycle on a pressure fryer, the exhaust line or valve is obstructed. Turn off the heat source and allow the oil to cool down so that the pressure inside the pot releases. After it’s cooled down and there’s no pressure, clean out any clogs from the lines, solenoids, and exhaust tank.

Food From Fryer is Too Dark

If fried foods come out too dark, look for these things:

  • Too hot (High Temperature): Check if the temperature is too hot. Make sure the temperature setting in the programming mode is set correctly.
  • Food breading is done far in advance: Breading to food needs to be done close to when you're going to fry it.

Food From Fryer is Too Light

If you notice the food coming out too light, look for the potential causes below:

  • Incorrect product button was chosen: In most cases, the wrong product option could've been selected. Make sure you press the right button before cooking.
  • Too cold (Low Temperature): Check if the temperature is too cold. Adjust the temperature settings in the program mode according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Improper preheating: Make certain the preheating time for the oil is correct before adding food into the deep fryer.

Food From Fryer is Too Greasy

If the food comes out too greasy, look for any of these issues.

  • Low temperature: Check if the temperature is too low. Adjust the temperature settings in the program mode according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Old oil: Check if you are using old oil or shortening that can make food too greasy. Replace shortening appropriately.
  • Too much load in the frypot: Overloaded frypot can make the food greasy. Prevent this by decreasing the cooking load in the frypot.
  • Food is left in the frypot for too long: Once the end of the cook cycle is done, food should be removed from the frypot immediately.

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