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Commercial Gas Fryers

Get evenly and deliciously cooked food with our gas fryers

Whether cooking small or large-sized food items, we have the perfect gas fryer to offer! The commercial fryers are essential cooking equipment for foodservice establishments that serve scrumptious deep-fried food items such as chicken wings, French fries, and alike. Due to their ability to cook any food products in a short time, they become the ultimate choice of frying equipment for high-volume restaurants. Thus, serving the guests more quickly—leaving them a positive impression on the establishment’s food quality and service. Our selection of commercial fryers is engineered for gas operations – natural gas or propane gas.

The gas fryers we supply also available in a variety of capacities, sizes, burner styles, and applications. The capacities are intended to be different to accommodate low- to high-volume of food. Two standard sizes available for the gas fryer units are the countertop and floor models. With the gas countertop fryers’ compact and portable size, they are most advantageous to use in concession stands, food trucks, and other operations that serve grab-and-go food items. But they can also play a support-role in high-volume kitchens.

The floor-model gas fryers are a versatile type of commercial fryers as they can both handle small and large sizes of food products. They can also maintain the temperature more consistently and recover quicker. All the gas fryers we offer may include additional features such as built-in filtration systems and programmable controls which help guarantee that the foods are cooked perfectly. Other features included per gas fryer vary on the manufacturer.

Additionally, our catalog also offers a wide variety of fryer parts and accessories that can keep the equipment in its best condition. To learn more about our offerings, browse our catalog now!