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Commercial Scales

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Commercial Scales

Accurately weigh or portion out food and ingredients with our dependable commercial scales

Eradicate errors in the food preparation by providing the staff with a high-precision commercial food weighing scale! Successful culinary operations hinge on accurate measurements. One small error in the amount of batter used might produce underbaked cakes. Similarly, too much or too little of some type of spice could ruin the balance of a dish. Be sure not to rely on intuition alone when it comes to culinary processes. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer an extensive collection of commercial scales designed to promote absolute precision in the kitchen. From high-capacity hanging scales to the more sophisticated legal for trade scales, we carry everything that the food service establishment could need.

We offer food scales in both standard and digital configurations. Standard kitchen scales feature large, round faces that are easy to read. Digital scales, on the other hand, boast LED displays, backlit keypads, or even built-in printers. Most scales are made of stainless steel and encased in a waterproof housing, making them dishwasher safe and corrosion-resistant. Others may be comprised of premium-grade aluminum, enamel, or shatterproof plastic.

Establishments can get portion scales burnished with antimicrobial technology to prevent cross-contamination. They may also opt for baking scales designed to safely cater to both wet and dry ingredients. Whatever the application, the use of these products will help cut down on food waste and enhance profit margins. Browse our catalog now for commercial scales of various sizes, capacities, designs, and advanced technological features!

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