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Hanging Scale

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Hanging Scales

Easily weigh or portion out fresh produce with our ergonomic hanging scales

Minimize food waste while simultaneously enhancing profit margins using high-precision hanging food scales! Weighing and portioning out food is crucial to minimizing food waste. Subsequently, less food waste leads to better profit margins. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer sophisticated, industry-recognized culinary instruments that require little effort for their operations. Our selection of commercial hanging scales is considered one of the most competent and reliable in the industry.

We carry digital hanging scales with LED displays, backlit keypads, and other robust technological features. We also offer utility scales with simpler, readily familiar standard components. From small, portable units designed to weigh dry goods, to industrial models for measuring massive hunks of meat, we have everything that the food service establishment might require. Typically made of top-grade stainless steel and other premium materials, these units are exceptionally durable and rust-proof. Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection of commercial hanging scales with various designs, sizes, and maximum loading capacities!