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Baker's Dough Scales

Baker's Dough Scales

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Baker’s Dough Scale

Treat the staff with a brand-new functional baker dough scale

Use our premium-quality baker’s dough scale to get the precise measurements of the wet and dry ingredients. Accurately measuring the ingredients is essential in cooking. Not only it will prevent profit loss, but it also guarantees to perfectly cook the recipes. Help the staff to get the proper measurements by providing them a reliable baking scale. We carry a large selection of commercial baking scale where each is designed with unique features. These features will help the scale to maximize its efficiency and better fulfill its purpose. But be assured that all products are built to last.

One of the popular types of baking scales we offer is the baker’s dough scale. It is the scale that precisely measures the dough’s weight. This commercial scale is mostly built using heavy-gauge stainless steel for long-lasting durability. It is constructed with a platter, poise, and beam. Some manufacturers also add a rubber foot pad on their baker’s dough scale. This is a handy feature because it provides impressive stability when placed on the countertop. It's a plus that the footpads will never scratch or damage the countertop.

Baking delectable goods has never been this satisfying! Browse our catalog now to see our entire collections of commercial baking scales. Replacement parts and accessories are also offered.