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Work Table Preparation Station

Work Table Preparation Station

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Work Table Prep Stations

Keep culinary tools and ingredients easily accessible by organizing them on a robustly-crafted work table prep station

Streamline the preparation of all kinds of meals using our highly versatile work table prep stations! Both formal and casual establishments require a dependable food preparation station. Most chefs would just settle for an existing kitchen table regardless of how old or worn it might be. Don’t allow the kitchen staff to work in less than motivating conditions. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer an impressive collection of commercial work tables and stations designed to boost confidence and productivity levels.

A work table preparation station, known simply as a work table prep station, provides more than just adequate space for culinary professionals. It combines the reliability of a kitchen table and the serviceability of a prep station in one compact, space-saving footprint. Most of these models feature heavy-duty cutting boards and shelving. Some may also come with built-in sinks to allow fresh produce to be rinsed as frequently as required. A few prep stations can only be used for stationary applications, but most of our offerings are furnished with swivel-and-lock casters for mobility.

Typically made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and other premium materials, our work table prep stations exhibit superior strength and damage resistance. They also require hardly any effort for their maintenance and cleaning. Get units with antimicrobial protection infused into the worksurface, chrome- or epoxy-coated wire shelving, or tool-free, height-adjustable columns! Browse our catalog now for work table prep stations of various lengths, widths, heights, and capacities.