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Wood Top Work Table

Wood Top Work Table

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    Wood Top Work Table Parts & Accessories


Wood Top Work Tables

Enhance various culinary tasks by providing the foodservice staff with sturdy and reliable wooden top work tables

Increase productivity levels in the commercial kitchen with the help of our ergonomically-crafted wood top work tables! Wooden kitchen implements can be more superior to stainless steel ones in a lot of ways. They boast the same durability and strength, but without the risk of rusting. They also have a more natural composition that bodes well for the preparation of food. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a wide array of wooden top work tables. Typically made of premium-grade hardwood and heavy-gauge steel, each table exhibits superior strength and durability. They also require barely any effort for their cleaning and maintenance.

Thanks to their seamless design, our wood tops promote maximum sanitation when chefs are cutting, mixing, or kneading food on the worksurface. Furthermore, since virtually all models are laminated, there are no cracks for food soils or dirt to fall through. Some wood top work tables may be burnished with antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and other illness-causing microorganisms. Others may also feature a block cream finish which is usually applied to cutting boards to prevent warping and seal in their natural moisture.

In the interest of convenience, some wooden top work tables may come with enclosed bases or undershelves. This way, employees can have ready access to food boxes or containers without leaving their stations. Others may come with open bases instead to accommodate larger equipment or waste bins. Help the kitchen staff in effectively managing their time and effort! Browse our catalog now for world-class wood top work tables in various lengths, widths, heights, and worksurface designs.

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