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Stainless Steel Wall Mount Work Table

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Work Table

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Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Work Tables

Provide more work stations by installing heavy-duty, wall-mounted work tables

Utilize walls and save on floor spaces with a stainless-steel wall mount work table! A kitchen work table is necessary for any foodservice establishment. It provides staff a proper and comfortable workstation for clean and efficient food preparation. For long-lasting use, a stainless-steel prep table is ideal for any commercial kitchen. We have a selection of stainless-steel work table with numerous designs to accommodate different kitchen layouts. For kitchens with limited spaces, a wall-mounted work table is the best option for a workstation.

A wall mount work table maximizes the kitchen area by utilizing wall spaces instead of floor spaces. It gives more spaces for other kitchen equipment or provides staff with a wider work area. We offer stainless steel wall mount work tables in numerous lengths to accommodate production volumes from low to high. Most models also come with backsplashes to protect walls from food splashes. View our catalog to see our complete offerings of stainless-steel wall mount work tables.