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Enclosed Base Commercial Work Table

Enclosed Base Commercial Work Table

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Enclosed Base Commercial Work Tables

Work with ease and comfort around a bustling kitchen using a highly reliable commercial work table with an enclosed base

Set up the establishment for smooth, efficient operations with the help of our premium-quality commercial tables with enclosed bases! Most foodservice establishments have very little space to spare for additional fixtures. Oftentimes, employees just settle for whatever work table or station they have. This might prove detrimental to productivity levels and even cause harm, especially if one is working on a wobbly, unreliable surface. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer an impressive collection of commercial tables with enclosed bases. Otherwise known as sealed base work tables, these compact units combine the functionality of a heavy-duty table and the convenience of a storage system.

Typically crafted out of heavy-gauge stainless steel, our commercial work tables are exceptionally robust. They are capable of accommodating a significant amount of weight. They can also withstand impact or pressure without getting bent or dented. Best of all, they can resist various corrosive factors and promise long service life. Some models come furnished with a sleek, professional coating, while others may contain antibacterial properties in their finishes.

For maximum convenience, most of our sealed base commercial kitchen tables are furnished with adjustable stainless steel feet. These sets of feet stay securely fastened to the floor even during seismic applications. Get a dependable kitchen table and a high-capacity storage system in one space-saving unit! Browse our catalog today for enclosed base work tables and enhance the way things are done in the establishment.