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Equipment Stand and Mixer Table

Equipment Stand and Mixer Table

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Equipment Stands and Mixer Tables

For comfortable operations, use equipment stands and mixer tables

Put cooking equipment at a comfortable reach with the help of restaurant equipment stands and mixer tables. Accessibility of kitchen equipment is vital to efficient operations. Place equipment such as tabletop mixers, ovens, beverage dispensers, and more on sturdy and durable equipment stands! Doing so will keep them at a comfortable height that allows easy reach of controls for safe operations. Also, it will help processes flow smoothly, which will ultimately increase productivity in the kitchen. It provides benefits to staff health as well. As the equipment is elevated, staffs will no longer need to bend themselves down. This does not only speed up operations but also reduces the risk of injuries and accidents. We offer restaurant equipment stands and mixer tables that offer much-needed convenience in any kitchen.

Our selection features equipment stands and mixer tables of different sizes. Longer and wider equipment stands may take up plenty of space, but they are necessary for holding large and heavy equipment. Meanwhile, the smaller equipment stands are designed for holding one piece of equipment at most in limited space kitchens.

Our selection also mainly consists of stainless-steel equipment stands. They offer long-lasting durability for secure and reliable operations. Moreover, models with back and side splashes are available to help maintain a clean working environment. There are mixer tables that provide undershelf storage to keep often-used tools within reach as well. Check our catalog to see our complete offerings of equipment stands and mixer tables!