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Stainless Steel Open Base Work Table

Stainless Steel Open Base Work Table

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Open Base Stainless Steel Work Tables

Equip the kitchen with open base stainless steel tables to make the food preparation more productive

Effectively improve the productivity of commercial kitchens by adding versatile stainless steel work tables! Unlike other commercial work tables, the stainless steel work tables we offer are designed with an open base. With the free space it provides, the staff can conveniently use it in storing undercounter kitchen equipment, ingredient and waste bins, and other storage equipment that are handy to keep within reach. It’s a plus that this open-base design makes the cleaning process simpler and quicker to accomplish.

These stainless steel open base work tables are also proven stable and flexible, all thanks to their adjustable feet. This feature allows the staff to easily adjust the height of the work table depending on their preference. They are also easy to install on any kitchen layout and space because they are available in straight and corner configurations. The stainless steel open base work tables with a backsplash is a great addition to prevent staining the walls. But for commercial kitchens that are looking for a table extension, the stainless steel work table without a backsplash is the ideal to get.

Culinary Depot offers a full line of high-quality open base stainless steel work tables that will surely suit the needs of food operations. Don’t miss out on our great offers! Browse our catalog now and learn more about the stainless steel open base work tables we supply.