The best way to reduce overhead costs from commercial cooking appliances and save money long-term is by investing in energy-efficient equipment. Energy Star-certified products can decrease your electricity usage, reduce overhead costs, and minimize your carbon footprint. While this might not be a big surprise to restaurant owners, it’s also important to consider that buying Energy Star-certified products can entitle them to sizeable cash rebates.

Finding Rebates and Incentives

Energy Star rebates and incentives vary significantly by location, and this Rebate Finder Tool will help you find what’s offered in your zip code. Enabling you to sort Energy Star incentives by state, this Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency is also helpful. Another organization that provides valuable rebate-related information is the Alliance for Water Efficiency. A non-profit dedicated to the sustainable use of water, the Alliance of Water efficiency provides a comprehensive introduction to water usage rebates. There is also a large collection other programs and organizations that help restaurants and businesses receive rebates for upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment. The following–organized by region–are just a few options:


The Pepco Commercial and Industrial Energy Savings Program provides rebates for Maryland residents, while Efficiency Vermont makes sustainable energy solutions more available to residents of Vermont.

  • ➤ A strong proponent of gas and electric efficiency, the New York state government provides a vast assortment of energy incentive programs.
  • ➤ Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) offers its EnergySense program across the city. Providing rebates for gas fryers, gas steam cookers, and high-efficiency spray valves, the program also rewards restaurants and businesses for upgrading boilers and hot water heaters.
  • ➤ If your foodservice is located in Washington DC, check out the DC Sustainable Energy Utility. The website provides a detailed chart of equipment and associated rebate incentives.
  • ➤ Paying up to 70% of your energy efficiency upgrade, Direct Install is New Jersey’s clean energy program and was founded specifically for small to medium-sized facilities. Providing a free energy assessment, the company strives to replace lighting, HVAC, refrigerators, and other outdated equipment with more efficient alternatives.


  • ➤ Headquartered in Tennessee, TVA specializes in offering rebates to homes and businesses in the Southeast region. The company’s EnergyRight Solutions for Business + Industry program includes incentives for heating and cooling systems, lighting, motor pumps, and equipment.
  • ➤ Tennessee’s largest Community Development Financial Institution, Pathway Lending has a wide range of programs that incentivize going green.
  • ➤ Florida Power and Light has an assortment of energy saving programs & rebates that provide energy-efficient air conditioning, ceiling insulation, and more.
  • ➤ Offering 39 different rebates and incentives to its customers, Georgia Power is dedicated to improving local energy efficiency.


  • ➤ The Food Service Technology Center of California lists an assortment of rebates for both energy and water. Energy-related rebates include offers for both restaurant and construction equipment.
  • ➤ Restaurant and business owners in Southern California who are interested in switching to energy-efficient equipment can take advantage of Edison’s Energy Efficiency Express Solutions. Offering rebates for upgrades to lighting, climate control, office equipment, refrigeration, food-service equipment, and water heating, the organization requires applications that indicate your upgrade plan. Edison also offers an Energy Efficiency Customized Solutions plan whose rebate amounts are decided by how much energy a business saves over the next year after making energy-efficient upgrades.
  • ➤ The EasySave Program from Tuscon Electric Power (TEP) specifically caters to small businesses and schools in Southern Arizona. Offering reduced pricing on energy-efficient lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration measures, the program uses approved installation contractors. The EasySave Plus Program is designed for large businesses and provides rebates that help offset the upfront costs of upgrades to lighting equipment, air conditioning, heat pump equipment, motors, motor drives, and refrigeration.
  • ➤ A part of Rocky Mountian Power, wattsmart Services & Incentives provides solutions to homes and businesses in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

Central / West

  • ➤ Providing energy to millions of homes and businesses, Xcel Energy offers rebate programs in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.


  • Bright Energy Solutions offers rebates and incentives to residents and businesses of municipalities who are members of Missouri River Energy Services, which spans four states–Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Time For Action

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If you haven't upgraded to energy-efficient equipment, each passing day unnecessarily increases the cost of your monthly electric bill. Upgrade now and start reaping the benefits of lower bills and cash rebates. Before deciding on an energy-efficient upgrade, browse the rebates and incentives that are available in your state or region. Whether you want to upgrade a commercial refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, water heater, light bulb, air conditioner, or something else, there is almost certainly an incentive for you!