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Water Filtration & Cartridge for Ice Machine

Water Filtration & Cartridge for Ice Machine

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Water Filtration Systems & Cartridges for Commercial Ice Machines

Set-up the most reliable water filter system on the ice machine to effectively filter bacteria, lead, and even the smallest sediments

Protect the water used in commercial ice machines from harmful contaminants using our quality water filtration systems and cartridges! We have an extensive selection of water filter systems and cartridges where each is formulated to remove a specific type of contaminant, taste, and even odors. Not only these products are effective, but they also improved the sanitation of the commercial ice machines. This is made possible by constructing each with a fully enclosed unit or container. Rest assured no contaminants or pathogens can enter and grow inside the units.

The water filtration systems we supply are composed of several components to guarantee their efficacy. A cartridge is the standard component included and they come in different micron ratings, types, capacities, and service flow rates. These cartridges can filter as small as 0.2 microns up to 5 microns, or higher. For optimal versatility, we offer ice machine cartridges that are compatible with drop in-style filter heads or can be used for sanitary quick-change purposes. This water filtration system component is also sold separately to directly replace the ice machine’s original filter cartridge.

Another component that can be included in the ice machine water filtration systems is the outlet pressure gauge. This component is handy to have as it allowed the operators to determine whether the cartridges need to be replaced. Other components included are determined by the manufacturer. Browse through our catalog to see our complete offerings for commercial ice machine water filtration systems and cartridges.