Dormont STMMAX-S3S-PM Watts Hydro-Safe Replacement Filter Pack


Product Specifications

Weight 3.30 Pound(s)
Dimensions 4.25(h) x 13.00(w) x 6.50(d)
Cartridge type sediment, chlorine taste & odor, scale inhibitor
Capacity USA 10,000 gal
Micron rating 5


Watts Hydro-Safe Replacement Filter Pack, for the Steam Max-S3 Lime Scale Filtration System, includes: (3) Slimline replacement filters (1) standard 10-inch 5-micron sediment filter for reducing sand, silt, sediment and rust (1) standard 10-inch carbon block for reducing chlorine taste and odor & 10-inch, 16-ounce phosphate filter for scale control, reduces chlorine, lime and scale
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