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Chef Knives

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Professional Chef Knives

Get a versatile and razor-sharp kitchen knife to professionally cut any ingredients quickly

A kitchen knife is the chef’s ultimate tool to effortlessly prepare their ingredients and achieve the desired shapes and sizes. Get the right knife set that the chef needs here at Culinary Depot! We carry a wide range of kitchen knives that are great to use for preparing small to a large volume of ingredients. Most of these knives are either forged or stamped for a specific cutting style. But not for the chef knives as they are made multipurpose to ensure they can carry out a variety of cutting tasks. Forging is the traditional method of constructing the knife’s blade. With its sophisticated and top-quality workmanship, it guarantees to make each blade thicker, stronger, and easily sharpen. It is usually bolstered to the handle for secure attachment and safe use. Effortlessly cut any tough ingredients is made possible!

Stamping is the modern method used for knife making and it gives each knife a lighter and thinner blade. Instead of a bolster, the stamped chef knife usually features a full tang that is extended to its handles. With this construction, the chef can slice any ingredients without straining the hand. This is perfect for filleting and boning tasks. The chef knives we offer are available with 4 to 17 inches long and made of an assortment of materials. Stainless steel is the preferred material because it is heavy-duty, sanitary, and low-maintenance. But other brands of chef knives we carry also used a higher-grade of stainless steel, which is high-carbon steel, due to their improved strength, cutting abilities, and edge retention.

The chef knives also feature a ceramic blade. Ceramic is the best blade material for commercial kitchens with a harsh environment. Its light and hard blade is non-corrosive and non-reactive to acidic ingredients. Aside from the wide, razor-sharped blade, all the chef knives are completed with an ergonomic handle that can be made of stainless steel, wood, rubber, or plastic. The wooden handle usually featuring a light and dark color. While rubber and plastic come in different trendy colors. The violet shade is dedicated to allergen-free food preparation. A protective finger guard may be included for additional safety.

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