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Clam Knives & Oyster Knives

Clam Knives & Oyster Knives

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Clam Knives and Oyster Knives

Shuck clams and oysters safely and quickly using our professional knives

Oyster shucking knives are a must-have for food operation establishments serving seafood specifically shellfish! Preparing shellfish at restaurants, buffets, and other food service facilities can be time-consuming if not well-equipped with the right tools. Good thing we’ve got it covered with our line of clam knives and oyster knives. We offer high-quality shucking knives to help chefs and cooks split the clams and oysters faster. These professional knives contribute to cutting down the production time while also increasing the quantity of shellfish being shucked. This is advantageous because the food can be served to the guests as quickly as possible. Shucking clams and oysters are a very risky and difficult task in cooking, but the right knife makes the process much safer and easier.

Our clam knives and oyster knives are made of high carbon stainless steel blade. The handle can be covered with a non-slip polypropylene plastic to prevent hands from sliding through the blade. Take note that clam knives are different from oyster knives. The clam knives are longer and thinner with a rounded tip. Clams are opened by pushing the knife in between the shell. While, the oyster knives are wider, shorter, and have a subtle point at the end. They are opened by pushing the knife on the back of the oyster shell.

Overall, we carry a wide range of clam knives and oyster knives that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To learn more about our kitchen knives selection, browse our catalog now!